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Lecture with discussion by Dr. Esther Abel, Hadamar Memorial: Public administration and the Nazi 'euthanasia' crimes.

A stocktaking taking into account the handling of National Socialist crimes after 1945

The event provides an overview of the various phases of the National Socialist murder of the sick. The focus is on the involvement of the administration. Using the example of the Landeswohlfahrtverband Hessen (LWV) as the legal successor to the Bezirksverband, which was responsible for the Hadamar killing center between 1941 and 1945, the changes in dealing with Nazi crimes can be shown. At the same time, sources such as the correspondence of the head of the institution at the time (1937 to 1945), Bernotat, are used to illustrate this.


Educational and social science core studies (teaching degree)

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