Felicitas Hoppe

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Felicitas Hoppe as Grimm Poetics Professor 2019 in Kassel

- Stefanie Kreuzer | As of April 2021 -

Grimm Poetics Professor 2019: Felicitas Hoppe

In 2019, the Kassel Brothers Grimm Poetics Professorship has been awarded to the writer Felicitas Hoppe. In doing so, the Unveristät Kassel honors the work of an author who has enjoyed success with novels and stories as well as with children's books.

Born in Hameln, Felicitas Hoppe (*1960) has been awarded numerous prizes and honors, including the Georg Büchner Prize in 2012. Her best-known narrative texts include the story collection Picknick der Fr iseure (1996), the novel Johanna (2006), the fictional (auto/r) biography Hoppe (2012), and the young adult book Iwein Löwenritter (2008). She processed a world voyage on a container ship in the novel Pigafetta (1999). Last year, she published Pravda. Eine amerikanische Reise (2018), her fifth novel.

Felicitas Hoppe: Grimm Poetics Professor 2019 (book cover of the second volume of the publication series on the Grimm Poetics Professorship, edited by Stefanie Kreuzer).

In addition to numerous prizes, scholarships and honors, Felicitas Hoppe has already held several poetry lectureships in Germany and abroad. She travels internationally, and her books have also been translated into several languages, with the constellation of travel and writing appearing repeatedly in her literary works. In addition - and this is particularly interesting in the context of the Grimm Poetics Professorship, which is prospectively opening up to different medial modes of narration - Hoppe's play with fictionality and factuality, with (post-)modern modes of writing and self-reflexive procedures, with authenticity and masking, her authorial personality and various role assumptions in film can be found FELICITAS HOPPE SAYS. (D 2018; directors: Oliver Held and Thomas Henke). Film excerpts from this female author's film were shown as part of the event series.

Film documentation of the GPP events with Felicitas Hoppe

All events in the context of the Grimm Poetics Professorship 2019 with Felicitas Hoppe are comprehensively documented on film. In this frame of the GPP homepage we present film clips of the (a) public inaugural lecture and (b) reading of the author as well as of the (c) university-public poetics seminar.

Ad (a): Trailer for inaugural lecture

Ad (b): Trailer for public reading

Ad (c): Trailer for the university public poetics seminar

Prizes and awards (selection):

  • 1996 aspekte literature prize
  • 1997 Rauris Literature Prize
  • 1998 Lower Saxony Prize for Literature
  • 2004 Heimito von Doderer Literature Prize
  • 2006 Max Kade Distinguished Visiting Professor/Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire
  • 2005 Brothers Grimm Prize of the City of Hanau (together with Andreas Reimann)
  • 2007 Writer in Residence Deutsches Haus New York
  • 2008 Bertolt Brecht Visiting Professorship at the University of Augsburg
  • 2010 Pied Piper Literature Prize of the City of Hamelin
  • 2012 Georg Büchner Prize
  • 2012 Visiting Professorship for Intercultural Poetics at the University of Hamburg
  • 2014 Visiting Lectureship at Fudan University Shanghai
  • 2013 Poetics Lectureship at the Technical University of Dortmund
  • 2015 Erich Kästner Prize for Literature
  • 2016 Heidelberg Poetry Lectureship and Cologne Poetry Lectureship (Translit)
  • 2016 Honorary doctorate from Leuphana University Lüneburg
  • 2018 Guest of honor at the Heinrich Heine House Lüneburg