Ingo Schulze

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"This is not Wende literature, this is world literature," reads a review of Schulze's novel Neue Leben. Indeed: Wende and unity play a role in many of his texts - which is not surprising given the fact that we still distinguish between old and new federal states despite everything.

But Schulze's texts are not only sharp-eyed - for example, in their criticism of the "economization of all areas of life" - but they also testify throughout to an ironic and laconic superiority, not least in that they also repeatedly try out new forms and styles.

Image: Dontworry (Wikimedia Commons; CC-BY-SA-3.0)
Ingo Schulze (Frankfurt 2012)

Ingo Schulze was born in Dresden in 1962. He studied classical philology and German language and literature in Jena, worked as a dramaturge at the Landestheater Altenburg and as a journalist. Since 1993 he has been living in Berlin as a freelance writer. He writes short stories, novels and essays, among other things, and occasionally goes over the top literarily, for example with Der Herr Augustin (2008), a book for children "from the age of four".

GPP events with Ingo Schulze

Ingo Schulze was Grimm Poetics Professor of the Year 2009 at the University of Kassel. The Grimm Poetics Professorship event series began on October 14 with the lecture "Keeping the Word for the Cause. On some terms of our everyday language". This was followed by a public seminar on October 15 and a reading from one of his texts on October 16.

Prizes and awards (selection):

  • 1995 Alfred Döblin Prize / aspekte Literature Prize
  • 2006 Peter Weiss Prize
  • since 2006 Member of the Academy of Arts Berlin and the German Academy for Language and Poetry in Darmstadt
  • 2007 Scholarship holder of the Villa Massimo in Rome / Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair
  • Since 2007 Member of the Saxon Academy of Arts
  • Since 2010 Director of the Literature Section of the Academy of Arts
  • 2012 Prize of the "Free German Authors' Association
  • 2013 Bertolt Brecht Prize of the City of Augsburg