MSCA Master Class Programme

Eingang Campus Holländischer PlatzImage: Presse Universität Kassel

Received a confirmation? Welcome to Kassel!

SAVE THE DATE: 24 to 28 March, 2025

The programme

24 March 2025
25 March 2025
26 March 2025
27 March 2025

28 March 2025

Welcome to the University of KasselMeeting your supervisor & getting to know your research environmentProposal writing workshop (by Yellow Research)Individual consultations on your proposal  (by Yellow Research)Evaluation process - from evaluators' point of view
MSCA Experience – meet successful fellowsRoundtable on excellent research and excellent proposals
Getting to know each other - one-minute elevator pitchWorking on your proposal with supervisors and with the Research Support team
Next steps, feedback  and farewell
Working and living in Kassel Campus and Kassel city tour 
  Invited dinner