Language certificates and language tests (Kopie 1)

Language skills often have to be verified or measured through a language certificate or language test when you apply for a study place at a foreign university. Please study the relevant call for proposals to determine how you need to provide verification.


Language certificate

You need a language certificate for most scholarship programmes. Using a standardised form you can have your knowledge of the teaching language/national language attested. This normally tests your listening comprehension, speaking, writing and reading comprehension in the foreign language.  

You can complete this test for the language certificate at the International Study Centre/Language Centre at the University of Kassel. Please enquire about dates at the office in the Language Centre (Mon-Fri: 9 – 11 a.m.; phone: 0561-804 3689) or, if you are a student in faculty 02 (language or literature studies), contact one of the lecturers in faculty 02.

Language test

Many universities abroad demand proof of linguistic skills through a recognised language test. These tests are made available by various institutions in Germany and cost money.
You can discover which test you have to complete for your application in the application documents or on the website of your host institution.  

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