Prof. Dr. Ute Clement, President of the University of Kassel

It's not enough to talk about transforming to a more sustainable society, we have to do something.

Prof. Dr. Ute Clement, President of the University of Kassel


Implementation of the first transformation workshop


Appointment of further professorships:

  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Lechtenböhmer (Sustainable Technology Design, Faculty 15)
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Popp (Sustainable Land Use and Climate Protection, Department 11)
  • Prof. Dr. Andra Horcea-Milcu (Cultures of Sustainability, FB 02)
  • Prof. Dr. Susanne Ritzmann (Sustainable Product Design and Development, School of Art)


Appointment of the first professors:

  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Fischer-Lescano (Just Transition, FB 05)
  • Prof. Dr. Lisa Carstensen (Global Political Economy of Work with Consideration of Gender Relations, FB 05)
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Braun (Human-Environment-Interactions, FB 11)
  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Gornott (Agroecosystem Analysis and Modeling, FB 11)


  • Announcement of four core professorships prepared by the founding directorate
  • Appointment of the management: Dr. Säck-da Silva


Decision to establish a "strong" scientific center

Founding directorate
(Advisory until the end of 2023)

Prof. Dr. Ute Clement (University President/Chairwoman)
Prof. Dr. Astrid Dannenberg (Faculty 07)
Associate Prof. Dr. Thomas Fuhrmann-Lieker (Department 10)
Prof. Dr. Clemens Hoffmann (Faculty 16)
Prof. Dr. Daniel Hornuff (KHS)
Prof. Dr. René Matzdorf (Vice President "Studies + Teaching", Faculty 10)
Prof. Dr. Eva Schlecht (Department 11)
Prof. Dr. Carsten Sommer (Faculty 14)

Academic staff
Dr. Philipp Krooß (Department 15)
Dr. Paul Reszke (FB 02)
Franziska Anna Seidel (FB 01)

Student representatives
Nadja Ahmad
Nora Horn
Laurin Leonhardi
Christiane Weiler

Advisory members
Prof. Dr. Stefan Bringezu (Faculty 14, CESR)
Prof. Dr. Sonja Buckel (Vice President "Graduate Funding, Gender Equality, Diversity and Communication", FB 05)
Prof. Dr. Hubertus Büschel (FB 05)
Prof. Dr. Claude Draude (Department 16)
Prof. Dr. Claudia Schlaak (FB 02)
Prof. Dr. Angela Schrott (FB 02, CELA)
Prof. Dr. Michael Wachendorf (Vice President "Research", FB 11)
Prof. Dr. Felix Welti (FB 01, FoSS)
Dr. Sylke Ernst (Women's Representative)
Dr. Sabine Säck-da Silva (Management)