Guide to resource-efficient construction

What is it about?

In the LeitRess project, the CESR is developing guidelines on resource-conserving, circular planning and construction with a focus on building construction for the state of Hesse.

Project title & duration

LeitRess project: Development of guidelines, scientific support for the creation of a concept and training measures on the topic of resource-conserving, circular planning and construction (focus on building construction)
Duration: June 2021 - December 2023

Image: Dilan Glanz

In China, the standards of Western architecture are not only being created in growing metropolitan areas, but are also making a significant contribution to global resource consumption worldwide. In Hesse alone, more than 30 million tons of mineral raw materials are mined every year, which has a considerable impact on the environment, such as the destruction of natural areas and damage to hydrology. At the same time, more than 15 million tons of construction waste are produced, while disposal capacities are dwindling.

The "urban mine" harbors valuable raw materials in infrastructures and buildings. Efficient urban mining, through systematic analysis and recovery of these materials, enables the conservation of natural resources and increases material efficiency in the construction sector. The concept promotes closed product cycles, minimizes environmental impact and contributes to the sustainable management of human raw material stocks.

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