Career prospects

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The degree "German as a Foreign and Second Language M.A." offers a wide range of career opportunities in Germany and abroad, including, for example, the following areas:

Language teaching: teaching German as a foreign and second language; e.g. adult education, general language teaching at language schools and universities, integration courses or job-oriented language teaching.

Research activities: Collaboration in research projects on German as a foreign and second language (e.g. in the field of language teaching and learning research, language acquisition, language education, migration and multilingualism or linguistic-cultural diversity in the context of immigration), promotion of scientific exchange (publications, contributions at specialist conferences, etc.)

Training and further education of teachers and other pedagogical staff: e.g. teaching activities at universities or further education for teachers, educators, pedagogues, etc.

Activities in publishing housesResearch on teaching materials and creation and further development of analog and digital materials for teaching German as a foreign and second language.

Other activities: cultural institutions, exchange organizations (for pupils, students, educators, teachers, etc.), associations for the promotion of international exchange including the German language.