STIBET Final Exam Scholarships for International Students

For international students in the final phase of their study programme, the University of Kassel offers a limited number of so-called Final Exam Scholarships.



Application Deadlines

1 March, 1 July and 1 November of every year

The deadlines are strictly binding even if the application requirements cannot be fully met at the point of application. That means applications that are submitted after the deadline cannot be considered. However, some documents may be handed in up to one week after the deadline.


  • Either the applicants have already registered for their final exams at the University of Kassel, such as the Diplom, Bachelor's, Master's or Staatsexamen examinations. Or they are near to finishing their studies: This means that they have acquired at least 80% of the ects required for registering for the final exam. Please hand in a transcript (“Leistungsübersicht”) as proof.

You will not be eligible for the scholarship if you are not in the final year of your programme or if you are a PhD student or if you already have a degree in a different field of study ("Zweitstudium"). Students who are eligible for financial support under the BaFöG scheme cannot be granted a scholarship either, regardless of whether they actually receive(d) financial support or not.

The application form must be filled in completely and must include the stated attachments. There will not be any additional call for missing documents!

If funds are not sufficient for all applications, a committee will make a selection. Criteria for the committee will include the achievements in your studies, how close you are to your final exam and your social situation. If a choice has to be made between equally qualified candidates, applicants from developing countries will receive preferential treatment.

Please note that students have no entitlement to this scholarship.

The scholarship can be granted for up to three months and at least one month, depending on the individual needs of the applicant and the examination date. The scholarship cannot exceed the three-month period.

If you do not meet the scholarship requirements anymore, for example by withdrawing the registration for your final exams or by receiving financial support from another institution or the like, the University of Kassel reserves the right to reclaim the scholarship funds. Scholarship holders must immediately notify the Admissions Office of all their examination results, even after the scholarship has ended.



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