Introduction and start of studies

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This course starts in both the summer and winter semester.
The dates for the start of the course in October 2024 will be published in August 2024 at the latest.

The most important dates and offers for the start of your studies

At the University of Kassel, there is no introductory event the . Rather, there is an extensive range of offers from various "organizers":

  • On the one hand, the departments offer an official program. This type of introduction is about the subject: What is the subject about? What specializations are offered in Kassel? Which Professors and subject areas determine the content? So: be sure to attend and ask questions!
  • For some (not all) degree programs and subjects, we recommend taking part in  preliminary courses. Pre-courses are aimed at first-year students who would like to refresh their knowledge in certain subjects. The preliminary courses start before the introductory dates.
  • The student councils often also offer introductory events. The student council is part of the student self-organization and deals with the specific questions of the students of a department. In terms of content, it deals with questions about the course of study, the organization of the curriculum, learning organization and examinations. The student councils therefore offer help on how best to study this subject.
  • There are also"welcome events" at : First semester welcome, offers for students with children, offers for international students.

Important terms explained

Welcome to the Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences!

We are pleased to provide you with important information for your studies at the beginning of the semester.
You can find the detailed schedule of the introductory days here:

Monday, 15.04.24 - Wednesday, 17.04.24

Time: from 09:00 a.m.
Location: Witzenhausen, Nordbahnhofstraße 1a,  Große Aula 
Lecturer:innen: Holger Mittelstraß (study coordinator) and tutors

Lecture period: 15.04.24 - 19.07.24

Lecture-free period: 20.07.24 up to and including 13.10.24

  • Tuesdays after Whitsun and so-called bridging days are not lecture-free.

The department introduces itself

Dear first semester students in the Bachelor of Organic Agriculture,
We look forward to welcoming you to the Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences at the University of Kassel and getting to know you soon. In order to give you the best possible start to your studies, an intensive introduction to the course will take place before the start of your studies, which begins on October 16, 2023 at the Witzenhausen campus.

Location Witzenhausen, Nordbahnhofstraße 1a (lecture hall and laboratory building)

Nordbahnhofstraße 1a, lecture hall and laboratory building

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