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The study program

In addition to the classical theoretical and methodological skills, the Sociology program provides students with concepts of education, models of employment, the organization of interests, the production of knowledge, and the performance of the governance of modern societies. The bachelor's program introduces the fundamentals and continues to provide knowledge and skills about the methods sociology uses to empirically collect data about society. Students are thus optimally prepared for more advanced Master's programs, but also for a career entry into the field. Although students attend compulsory courses during their studies, they still have sufficient freedom for independent study and the opportunity to select specific topics according to their own interests. The program is divided into three study phases and includes a major, a minor, an internship, a (voluntary) stay abroad, and the acquisition of integrative and additive key competencies.


    Career Prospects for Bachelor Graduates in Sociology

    The sociology degree opens up a diverse range of careers. Keep in mind here that the bachelor's degree is a first professional degree. This means that you can enter these fields, but certain positions or career opportunities require a master's degree. Potential career fields include:

    • State and federal agencies, ministries, administrations (state, city, municipal).
    • Scientific research at universities and other institutes
    • Business (management, personnel departments, works councils, etc.)
    • Journalism, media and publishing
    • University and science management
    • Politicalparties and associations (employers' associations, trade unions)
    • Social institutions, NGOs
    • Market and opinion research
    • Consulting
    • Human resources

    The internship integrated into the study program helps to establish contacts and gain experience. The study program offers time for professional orientation, which the Career Service of the University of Kassel gladly accompanies.

    "Guess What?"

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    Mandatory internship

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