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Attend a lecture, get a taste of university life for a whole week, or perform in an early study program... We offer the possibility to gain first experiences directly in the desired field of study.

Trial study

Be a student for a week, get a taste of the lectures in your chosen degree program, attend seminars and lectures, and get in touch with teachers and students. This is exactly what the introductory study program at the University of Kassel makes possible!

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Early Study

Gifted high school students can attend courses at the University of Kassel even before they have achieved their university entrance qualification and earn credits that can be counted towards a later degree. 

  • English / American Studies
  • Civil Engineering
  • Biology
  • Vocational education in electrical engineering and metal technology
  • Electrical engineering
  • German studies / German
  • History
  • Computer science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Mechatronics
  • Nanostructural Sciences
  • Physics
  • Political science
  • Environmental engineering
  • Economics
  • Business Law
  • Industrial Engineering

For other courses of study, the department offering the course decides on a case-by-case basis whether a student can be admitted to the early study program.

Students who wish to participate in the Early Study Program require a written recommendation from the school principal attesting to a special talent and granting permission to attend courses at Kassel University even during school hours. Participation in the early study program and registration are free of charge.

Early study can be started in the summer semester (April) or in the winter semester (October).

Students attend courses that are selected after individual consultation with a subject representative. Contact persons for the respective subjects are available during the semester to answer subject-related or organizational questions.

Admission is initially for one semester only. If you wish to continue the early study program, you arrange the courses for the next semester with your contact person in the department, have this confirmed by your school and register again.

Certificates of achievement are only issued in the departments if a corresponding achievement has been made for it - attending a lecture is not sufficient for this. You can take part in written exams or examinations, give presentations or prepare assignments and have them evaluated. Please arrange with your contact person in the department before the start of the courses what you can use to obtain credit.

Credits from the early studies can be credited for later studies in the same field of study at the University of Kassel. The examination board for the respective study program decides whether you can be placed in a higher semester and thus shorten your studies on the basis of the credits you have acquired. Your contact person in the department can advise you on this.

Please first contact the Department of Studies and Teaching at the University of Kassel. There you will receive information about your studies, all the necessary forms and the contact address of the contact person for the subject in which you wish to begin early studies.

You will discuss your study wishes and interests with the subject representative in the relevant department and agree which courses you will attend. You will receive written confirmation on the application form that the department will accept you for early studies and which courses you can attend.


Anke Ickler

University of Kassel
Department of Studies and Teaching
Moritzstraße 18 (Campus Center)
Level 3, Room 3108
34109 Kassel (postal address)

Phone: +49 561 804 3197

E-mail: aickler(at)uni-kassel(dot)de

plusMINT - Orientation studies

Are you interested in science and technology? Then get to know the various STEM subjects in a two-semester orientation phase.
plusMINT is already eligible for BAföG funding during the orientation phase.

More Infos

Course catalog for prospective students

The course catalog for students/students interested in studying offers the possibility to participate in selected courses of our study programs in order to get an impression of the atmosphere at our university and the subject culture of a study program.

"How does it work?"

It's simple! Select an interesting event from the lectures and seminars listed in the directory, and you're ready to go.

"Who can attend?"

All prospective students may attend the event alone or in pairs without further pre-registration. To plan a lecture visit with a larger group, please contact us in advance.

Course times summer semester:
April 15, 2024 - July 19, 2024

Offers of the subject groups

Try studying in the department of social sciences

Using the example of a topic agreed upon in advance, the students gain an insight into scientific work at the university.
In addition, there is the possibility to get to know the university library and to experience the handling of scientific literature.

Type of event: Block event

Target group: School classes (for courses in politics and economics and history of the upper secondary school)

Contact person:Tanja Schöttner, Studienkoordination FB05,, 0561-804-3440

School internship history

Collaboration on ongoing research project on colonial history and a new research project in the field of "Modern and Contemporary History" (also online).

Course type: Internship

Target group: Students from grade 11

Application and inquiries to: Prof. Büschel (

Student ambassadors

Let us inspire you! Students of natural sciences visit schools, report on personal experiences from their studies, discuss perspectives and possible career fields in the natural sciences and answer your questions.

Event type: Information day

Duration of event: In the context of subject lessons or special events) in schools

Target group: School classes

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