Cross-entry into a higher semester of study

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This page will help you with the following questions: Where can I have my study/examination achievements recognized? Which professional skills are recognized? Where do I apply for lateral entry?

Recognition of achievements

Recognition of your previous study and examination achievements (Bachelor/Master)

Detailed information on the eligibility of study and examination achievements can be obtained from the respective examination office or office of your department. The contact details of the responsible examination office can be found on the website of the respective study program.

Since the recognition of study and examination achievements can take some time, it is advisable to apply for enrollment at the same time.

Continuing your studies
If you have interrupted your studies at the University of Kassel and would like to resume them in the same degree program, we require a certificate of study progress or the notice of exmatriculation from the University of Kassel.

Recognition of achievements in teacher training

Cross-entry into a teacher training program L1-L3 with recognition of credits already earned is possible if:

  • another teaching degree program has already been started or completed, from which study or examination achievements can be credited.
  • the same teacher training course has already been started at another university (change of study location).
  • another course of study has been started or completed from which study or examination achievements can be credited.
Study and/or examination achievements already completed can be credited for the core studies in education and social sciences and for the subjects.

The Hessische Lehrkräfteakademie is responsible for the recognition of achievements.

Cross-entry into a teaching degree program, unlike beginning a teaching degree program, is possible in both the summer and winter semesters. For entry in the summer semester, however, at least one semester must have been credited in each subject (including core studies, in the case of vocational and business education only the major subject).

Crediting of professional skills

Students who have completed relevant vocational training and/or a period of professional practice or similar prior to their studies can apply to the relevant examination board for credit for equivalent knowledge and skills acquired outside higher education institutions after enrolling. The contact details of the responsible examination board can be found on the website of the respective study program.

When reviewing this application, the equivalence of the professional qualification with the competencies to be acquired at the University of Kassel will be assessed. Credit can only be granted if equivalence is established. The examination board will issue a decision on possible credits. Classification into a higher semester is possible on the basis of this notification.

By decision of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany (KMK), the upper limit for credits is a maximum of 50% of a course of study. Since the vocational qualifications tend to be of a more practical nature and the competencies to be acquired through the course of study are of a more theoretical nature, significantly lower creditable portions should be expected. This also applies to the professional degrees "Bachelor/ Master Professional".


Where and when do I apply for lateral entry?

Career changers or interrupters who would like to resume their studies after a break must apply for a study place in the respective higher semester with their university account in eCampus by the respective deadlines. They do not have to register again.

In addition to the application, you need the recognition of the study and examination achievements. If this is not yet available at the time of application, no proof is required that the recognition of the study and examination achievements has been applied for. The responsible examination office will automatically send the notification to the Student Secretariat after the recognition procedure has been completed. You will receive a copy of this.

Important: Transfer semester fee in advance
Applications can only be processed once you have transferred the semester fee (re-registration).

Procedure for entering a higher semester in a degree program/subject with restricted admission

In the case of a degree program or field of study with restricted admission, you will go through the regular procedure and require admission.

It is recommended to

  • apply for the higher semester and
  • for the 1st semester
(only possible in the winter semester).

If the admission for the 1st semester and later the recognition by the examination office of the department, the classification into the higher semester will be made subsequently. If there are fewer places available than applications, the decision will be made by lot.

After admission you can then enroll. The link to the enrollment application will be sent with the admission. Students of the University of Kassel reenroll.

If no achievements can be credited, access to admission-restricted degree programs is only possible by applying for a study place in the 1st semester.

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