Change of university to Kassel

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Coming to Kassel and entering a higher semester of study

1. application for recognition of examination and study achievements.
In case of a change of university, students must submit an application for recognition of examination and study achievements to the relevant examination office in the department of the University of Kassel. The contact details of the relevant examination office can be found on the website of the respective degree program.

2. "Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung" (certificate of no objection)
Together with this application, a so-called "Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung" (clearance certificate) must be submitted. This document is usually issued by the responsible examination office of the previous university and shows still existing examination entitlement: The status of the examinations and the number of examination attempts must be shown in detail. A performance overview can serve as a clearance certificate, provided it has been signed by the examination office.

3. notice of classification
On the basis of the application and the clearance certificate, the examination board will then decide on a placement in the higher semester and send you a written notification. You will need this notification of classification in order to

  • register for a higher semester at the Registrar's Office of the University of Kassel or
  • apply for a place in a higher semester of a degree program with restricted admission.
If the examination board rejects the recognition of achievements, it must give reasons for this.

Transfer from the University of Kassel to another university

Students who wish to transfer from Kassel to another university should contact the responsible examination office at the receiving university for credit.