University access WITH vocational upgrading qualification

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With their qualification, master craftsmen and women have the general higher education entrance qualification, which entitles them to access all undergraduate degree programs at Hessian universities.

The following persons have a vocational upgrading qualification comparable to the master craftsman's examination and thus also the general university entrance qualification:

  • Persons with advanced training qualifications according to § 53/54 of the Vocational Training Act or according to § 42/42a of the Crafts Code, provided that the courses comprise at least 400 hours. These are, for example:
    - state-certified technicians
    - state-certified business administrators
    - specialist business administrators (e.g. specialist business administrator - foreign trade)
  • Persons with state certificates of competency for nautical or technical ship service. For example:
    - employees of the nautical or technical ship service who require a state certificate of competency
    - pursers
  • Individuals with degrees from technical schools. For example:
    - state-approved educators
    - state-approved remedial educators
    - state-approved designers
    Note: Training at specialized schools must have been based on the requirements of the resolution of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK resolution) on specialized schools. A certificate from the technical school attended must be enclosed with an application.
  • Persons with degrees from comparable state-legal further education and training regulations for professions in the health care sector and in the area of social care or social pedagogical professions, provided that these courses comprise a temporal scope of at least 400 hours. For example:
    - Fachkinderkrankenschwester und Fachkinderkrankenpfleger
    - OP-Krankenschwester und OP-Krankenpfleger
  • Individuals with degrees from comparable federal continuing education and training programs provided that these courses are at least 400 hours in length. For example:
    - tax accountants
    - certified public accountants.

The above list includes examples of advancement qualifications. You can check whether your qualification is recognized as an upgrading qualification in the largely complete list of upgrading qualifications from the BMBF initiative ANKOM (PDF ). You can also research at whether an apprenticeship is a vocational upgrading qualification comparable to the master craftsman's examination. The University of Kassel is responsible for deciding whether the requirements are met.

Note: Graduates of administrative and business academies, on the other hand, have a subject-linked university entrance qualification, provided that proof of completed vocational training is also provided. For example:
- Economist (VWA)
- Business economist (VWA)

The next steps to study

If your degree is equivalent to the Allgemeine Hochschulreife, you can study all undergraduate degree programs (bachelor's degree, teaching degree, artistic degree) at the University of Kassel. 

If you have chosen a degree program at the University of Kassel, you can apply to the corresponding application procedure with the proof and, if applicable, the grade of the advanced qualification. Deadlines and procedures are indicated on our respective study program pages.

If you have doubts about whether your qualification is sufficient, you can have your certificate checked. Please email your documents to well in advance of the February 15 deadline each year.

If your transcripts do not meet the requirements, this may still give you the opportunity to apply for admission to the University Entrance Examination by the February 15 deadline. For more information, see University Admission WITHOUT Professional Advancement Qualification - University Entrance Examination.


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