Part-time study

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Studyability of a part-time degree program

Students pursue their studies with different time commitments for different reasons. The academic advisors offer advice on whether and how full-time courses of study can be studied with a reduced time commitment and what needs to be taken into account. In view of limited time resources, it is very important to plan your studies with a view to academic success.

For some students with significantly limited time budgets, enrollment for part-time study may also make sense as a formal enrollment status. In the technical sense, 'part-time study' is understood to be an individually requested form of study in which formally only half of the specified study achievements can be completed per semester. The basis for this is §19 para. 2 of the Hessian Higher Education Act in conjunction with §9 of the Hessian Enrollment Ordinance. The formal reasons for part-time enrollment are also stated there (see below). During part-time studies, you will participate in the regular courses that are shown in the course catalog. This means that there is no separate timetable and no events at special times for students studying part-time.

After you have completed the application for part-time study (see application form on this page), signed and added the supporting documents, you can submit this in person or by mail to the service office "Information Studium" . You can submit the application for part-time study repeatedly. Please note that you cannot claim part-time study retroactively for semesters already completed. 

Study and examination regulations

It is essential that you clarify with the departmental study advisor for your subject or your responsible examination office whether the part-time study does not conflict with regulations or practical requirements of the respective study and examination regulations (which may be mandatory). This may also apply to individual phases of your studies in which a certain time commitment cannot be avoided (e.g. final thesis, practical phases / internships). You should also inquire at the departmental study advisor or the examination office whether there are any extensions of relevant deadlines due to your part-time studies. An extension of the processing deadlines for final theses is excluded by the Hessian Enrollment Ordinance.Please consider any consequences of part-time study for your BAföG, your child allowance or the duration of student health insurance as well as your residence title, if applicable! Please clarify the effects of part-time study on specified benefits with the respective responsible office.


    The application must be submitted by 30.04. for a summer semester and by 31.10. for a winter semester!

    Your application can only be processed once the semester fee has been transferred.

    Application form


    Part-time studies offer you two main advantages:

    1. During a part-time study program, you will be charged for only one subject semester for two part-time semesters. The total duration of studies in subject semesters thus better reflects the time you were able to invest in your studies at the end of your studies.
    2. Part-time study can be advantageous if your study regulations require you to complete exams or achieve a certain minimum number of points in a certain amount of time. In this case, the use of part-time study may lead to extensions of the deadlines. Please clarify any questions in this regard directly with your departmental study advisor or the examinations office.

      Depending on the individual situation, the status of part-time study may entail the following disadvantages, among others, so that individual clarification with the responsible offices is highly recommended:

      1. Loss of entitlement to BAFöG;
      2. possible effects on social benefits (e.g. orphan's pension);
      3. in the case of foreign students, effects on residence status;
      4. Effects in the area of health insurance;
      5. Loss of the possibility to work as a working student:in;
      6. for parents, tax aspects and entitlement to child benefit.
        • Part-time study is only possible in degree programs that are not subject to admission restrictions.
        • There may also be conditions and study phases that allow part-time study in degree programs where continuous part-time study is not advisable with regard to the course of study. If in doubt, consult the departmental academic advisor.
        • Part-time study is not possible in the case of a double degree program, an advanced master's degree program or a doctoral program according to the Hessian Enrollment Ordinance.
        • During part-time study, you are not formally entitled to take more than 50% of the credit points or credits envisaged in full-time study.
        • Should the reason for a granted part-time study cease to exist, you are obliged to notify the university immediately.
        • Part-time study may only be requested within the standard period of study. Keep in mind that you will reach the end of the standard period of study later if you have already studied part-time.
        • You cannot complete a double degree program while studying part-time.
        • Retroactive claiming of part-time study for a semester already completed is not possible.

        Part-time study can only be applied for on the grounds listed below. More detailed information can be found in §9 of the Hessian Enrollment Ordinance. 

        • Gainful employment
          Gainful employment subject to social insurance contributions of at least 14 hours and at most 28 hours of regular weekly working time.
          Proof: e.g. certificate of employment, employment contract or similar.
        • Raising a child up to the age of 10
          Proof: birth certificate of the child.
        • Caring for a close relative(s) with assignment to a care level
          Proof: certificate from the health or long-term care insurance company regarding the care level of the close relative(s).
        • Disability or chronic illness
          The disability or chronic illness must have an effect on the studies.
          Evidence: medical certificate that allows an assessment of whether a proper full-time study is excluded.
        • For another comparable important reason.

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