Second degree with restricted admission

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What is a second degree?

A second degree program exists if you have already successfully completed an undergraduate degree program at a German university and take up another undergraduate degree program with Bachelor's or Staatsexamen degrees for specific reasons.

In contrast, a postgraduate master's program that requires the prior acquisition of a bachelor's degree is not considered a second degree program.

If, at the time of application for a further course of study, the first course of study has not yet been fully completed, there is no requirement for a second course of study in this case.

How do I apply for a second degree program?

In the case of undergraduate degree programs with open admission, you can enroll directly for a second degree program via the University of Kassel's online application portal: In this case, no special procedure for second degree applicants is applied.


Up to three percent of the study places in each undergraduate degree program/subject with restricted admission are available for second degree applicants (§ 22 HHZV). The allocation of these study places takes place via a separate selection procedure, through which you have the exclusive opportunity to obtain a study place. The procedure is defined in the Hessian University Admission Ordinance (HHZV). Comparable to the general procedure for admission-restricted courses of study, a ranking list is also formed here. The ranking of an applicant is determined by

- 50% from the final grade of the first degree and

- 50% from the personal reasons for the second degree.

(The grade of the university entrance qualification and the waiting period are not taken into account).

You will earn points in both areas. The total sum (measurement number) then determines your place on the list. If two applicants have the same number of points, the ranking will be decided by lot. The possible number of points per criteria area is defined in the Hessian study place ordinance.

Final grade:

- The final grades "excellent" and "very good" are awarded four points.

- The final grades "good" and "fully satisfactory" are awarded three points.

- The final grade "satisfactory" will be awarded two points.

- The final grade of "sufficient" will be awarded one point.

Reasons for second degree:

- "compelling professional reasons" (9 points).

- "academic reasons" (7 to 11 points)

- "special professional reasons" (7 points)

- "other professional reasons" (4 points)

- "none of the above reasons" (1 point).

An explanation of the reasons and their weighting (number of points) can be found here: Annex 1 of the Hessian Ordinance on University Admission and the Application Procedure at State Universities.

Please note that your detailed reasons should include information on your educational history, professional activities, and intended career goal.

Unfortunately, a preliminary examination of reasons that could entitle you to a second degree cannot be carried out. We ask for your understanding.

Application process

Second degree applicants can only apply for one admission-restricted degree program per university in Hessen (§ 20 para. 4 HHZV).

Application portals

When applying for a degree program with restricted admission as a second degree program, use the application portals required for this purpose (Ecampus and Hochschulstart).
For degree programs with open admission, please use Ecampus.

Application for the first semester

Please refer to the program page of your desired program for deadlines and all necessary application steps.

Application for the higher semester

For deadlines and all necessary application steps and information, please refer to the program page of your desired degree program as well as the lateral entry website. No justification is required to apply to the higher semester.

Special features of the application for higher semesters

Please note that in case of an application for the higher semester you have the possibility to submit another (second) application but only for the same study program for the first semester. For this application situation, however, please note the following special feature:

eCampus only allows you to submit a digital application as a second study applicant:in. Therefore, initially only apply for the first semester and submit it digitally.

Please apply for the higher semester of the same degree program in the second place. You cannot submit this application digitally. It remains in the status "in preparation" and can only be "submitted" by the Student Secretariat, but only if:
- an application in preparation already exists
- it is the same degree program (same combination)
- you have sent the request to "submit the application for a second study program in a higher semester in addition to the application for the first semester" by e-mail to, stating your applicant number.

As soon as this has been done, the application will be submitted digitally to the Student Secretariat on your behalf. The status is automatically changed to "provisionally excluded". You will be informed about this by an e-mail regarding the status change. With the subsequent submission of your certificate of eligibility for a higher semester, the Student Secretariat will set your application for the higher semester to 'valid' and the application will take part in the selection process.


During the course of your online application in eCampus, you will be asked to upload the required supporting documents.

For an application to the 1st semester, upload your letter of motivation and the transcript of your first university degree . Please note that your application can only be considered if you upload the relevant supporting documents.

If you want to apply for a higher semester, please upload your letter of acceptance . If you have not yet received a credit transfer notification, you can skip the upload field and submit the credit transfer notification afterwards.

If you are accepted as a second degree applicant, you must submit an officially certified copy of your university transcript for enrollment.

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