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06/07/2022 | Portraits and stories | Newly appointed

Welcome to the University of Kassel Prof. Dr. Jochen Mikosch!

Mathematics and natural sciences

Image: Ralf Günther

Jochen Mikosch took up a Heisenberg Professorship in Experimental Physics at the University of Kassel in May. With his research group, he intends to apply experimental methods from the highly topical research field of attosecond physics to problems at the interface between physics, chemistry and materials science. After studying physics in Freiburg, Heidelberg and Cambridge (England), Jochen Mikosch defended his doctoral thesis with Roland Wester in Freiburg in 2008 and was then a postdoc with Albert Stolow at the National Research Centre of Canada in Ottawa. Since 2013 he was group leader and since 2020 also project coordinator at the Max Born Institute (MBI) in Berlin. In 2020, he received a Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) for time-resolved structural imaging of the dynamics of chemical reactions. The new professorship further advances the profile building on the two main topics of the Institute of Physics - nanostructure sciences and optics with a focus on AMO research - and strengthens the Kassel-centered Collaborative Research Center 1319 "Extreme Light for the Analysis and Control of Molecular Chirality (ELCH)"