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03/18/2024 | Pressemitteilung

Students at the University of Kassel get a cheap Germany ticket

From April 1, Kassel students will receive a discounted Deutschlandticket. It is easy to use via cell phone. The cost of 29.40 euros per month will be collected via the semester fee.

Group picture.Image: Walter Breidenbach
The ticket can be used on the move. In the picture: Chancellor Dr. Oliver Fromm (from left), University President Prof. Dr. Ute Clement, Hannah Röllig, Corbinian Bergunde and Sebastian Ehlers from the AStA and NVV Managing Director Wolfgang Rausch. Photo: Walter Breidenbach for NVV.

The ticket can be used via cell phone. The Nordhessischer Verkehrsverbund NVV has set up a digital registration procedure for this purpose. The ticket is available at Students can also find instructions on how to register at or

At the end of November 2023, the federal and state governments agreed on the possibility of a Deutschland Ticket for students. It is valid nationwide on local and regional transport. The AStA of the University of Kassel and mobility partner NVV are now among the first to have concluded a corresponding agreement. The amount of six times 29.40 euros (nationwide price, instead of the regular 49 euros) is included in the semester fee of 340.94 euros, which is due upon re-registration or enrolment. The D-Ticket replaces the previous semester ticket, which was only valid in the NVV and neighboring transport associations and for which 27.10 euros was last charged.

University President Prof. Dr. Ute Clement praised the AStA and NVV for concluding the contract so quickly: "Our students are now part of the transport revolution." She appealed to students to use the ticket wherever possible and to avoid traveling by car. "But it is also important that politicians make this offer permanent."

Hannah Röllig, Chair of the AStA, thanked "all students who have been involved in the introduction in the committees, the plenary assembly and elsewhere and who are still involved."

NVV Managing Director Wolfgang Rausch said: "We are very happy for the students in Kassel. This means that the previous provisional solution can now be transferred to the nationally agreed regulation. The new ticket shows: You can be quick if the common will is there and the cooperation works well. Due to its central location, the semester ticket is particularly attractive here, because it is cheap and environmentally friendly to travel in all directions in Germany."

The current Deutschlandticket student upgrade expires automatically on March 31, 2024. Anyone who has been using it up to now does not need to do anything to cancel it. The regulations for the ticket do not apply to students on part-time continuing education courses or guest students.