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Exhibition opening "Interference is desired!" in the ASL foyer

Tombstones for the Nordstadtpark, golden VW engines, a huge table and squatted factory buildings - this is how the ASL student body intervened in the design of the GhK and its surroundings. A critical appreciation.

"Interference is desired!" - the call comes from "carlo!" from the student magazine "plan-o-phobia" (17/1995) and is representative of a culture of active (university) political participation. The interference of the time was not limited to helping to shape teaching, administration and university policy, but also testifies to the courage and will of a critical and creative accompaniment of Kassel's urban development. The exhibition presents a selection of protest moments in lively formats and places them in a differentiated way in the (urban) social, political, university and ideological context of the time.

The organization of the exhibition as a student project creates free space to put actions and methods of protest into today's context and to try them out anew. In this way, the exhibition asks about a current protest culture and encourages people to get involved themselves.

The exhibition is on view in the foyer of the ASL New Building through April 27, 2023.

Foyer ASL-Neubau
Universitätsplatz 9
34127 Kassel

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Admission is free.



The Kas­se­ler Mo­dell 1973-2023

50 Jah­re Ar­chi­tek­tur - City­pla­ning - Country­schafts­pla­ning at the Uni­versity Kas­sel

In 1973, the new Gesamthochschule Kassel initiated the reform courses of study in architecture,  urban planning and landscape planning. The "Kassel Model" challenged outdated pedagogical concepts, institutional structures and subject content. It pursued a strong social agenda and rethought the relationship between science, planning and society. The appointment of young, innovative university professors underpinned the spirit of departure in terms of personnel as well. Kassel distinguished itself in the German university landscape as a radical educational experiment, from which numerous professional innovations emanated in the years that followed, which had a lasting influence on the disciplines. Even then, many topics were initiated that have taken on a new urgency today in light of climate change and the Anthropocene. The department is taking its 50th anniversary as an opportunity to look back on its own history with critical research in a series of exhibitions and to ask itself what relevance the experiments of that time have for us today.

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