What is LOEWE?

LOEWE is a federal state program for the development of scientific and economic excellence(in German: Landes-Offensive zur Entwicklung Wissenschaftlich-ökonomischer Exzellenz (= LOEWE). It is an excellence program launched by the State of Hesse in 2008 to fund outstanding and innovative research projects intended to make universities and research institutions in Hessen more competitive - both nationally and internationally.

Please note:
Applications for the LOEWE state programme must be submitted in German.

LOEWE accentuates science policy to strengthen Hessian researchers in a positive and sustainable way. LOEWE enables Hessian universities, if necessary in cooperation with research institutions, to develop focus areas within their scientific profile.

LOEWE documents for internal pre-selection

Through the LOEWE program, extraordinary collaborative science projects can be funded; expecially those with a focus on linking science, non-university research, and the industry.
The program encompasses five separate funding lines:

  • Funding line 1: LOEWE-Zentren (Research Centers)
  • Funding line 2: LOEWE-Schwerpunkte (Research Clusters)
  • Funding line 3: LOEWE-KMU-Verbundvorhaben (SME joint projects)
  • Funding line 4 a/b: LOEWE-Spitzen-Professuren/LOEWE-Professuren ((excellence) professorships)
  • Funding line 5: LOEWE-Exploration

Details for the funding lines

Funding lines 1 (LOEWE Zentren) and 2 (LOEWE Schwerpunkte) are implemented in a two-stage procedure. Participation in this funding program with promising applications is of particular importance for the scientific development and profile building of the University of Kassel. The Presidential Board supports it to the best of its ability. The Hessian Ministry for Science and Art (German: Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst (= HMWK)) usually issues the call for proposals on December 1 of each year. Since only a limited number of outlines can be submitted by the university, the two-stage application process is preceded by an internal pre-selection by the Presidential Board.

The new funding line 5 (LOEWE Exploration), introduced in August 2020, aims to open up the possibility of implementing novel, highly innovative, and daring research ideas that challenge or substantially expand current scientific understanding. Funding is directed toward a time-limited, exploratory phase in which the viability of a new or unconventional research approach is to be tested. Risk, courage to fail, and unexpected findings are integral components of the program. Applications can only be submitted in the course of an HMWK call for proposals. Calls for proposals are usually issued twice a year.

Current LOEWE funding guidelines and announcements

The funding guideline as of August 2020 contains all important information for LOEWE funding from the 15th funding cycle onwards. In addition, you will find an overview of current dates and announcements on the official website of the LOEWE office.