Su­per­vising doc­toral can­did­ates

As a supervisor for a doctoral thesis, you have the responsibility of acquainting young academics with the rules of good academic practice for research. You supervise their doctoral studies, encourage their participation at specialist conferences and congresses and point out possible career paths for the candidates.


It has been essential since 1 October 2013 to agree on a supervision agenda for each doctoral project at the latest when the person is accepted as a doctoral candidate. The finalisation of a supervision agenda must be communicated to the dean’s office and the doctoral office by submitting a copy of the first page of the presentation. You can find further requirements related to the supervision agenda in decision P/309 dated 22 January 2018. You can find more information about the supervision agenda for doctoral candidates here: Guidelines for the Supervision Agenda (PDF file or Word template).


Contact scholarships for foreign doctoral candidates from partner universities are available as part of the STIBET doctoral programme. Supervising university teachers can invite doctoral candidates from partner universities to the University of Kassel for a maximum period of 3 months. The contact scholarship amounts to EUR 500 per month.


  • A confirmation of supervision from the supervising university faculty member             
  • A partnership agreement with the partner university


  • EUR 500 per month for a maximum period of 3 months

Documents required

  • A brief covering letter (funding application, including a statement about the intended length of stay and the period of time that the scholarship needs to be paid)
  •   Expert references
  • A brief description of the PhD project (1 page)
  • Your CV
  • The STIBET contact scholarship form

Contact details

University of Kassel           

Development Planning

Department for Internationalisation and International Cooperation MsConstanze Engel

Mönchebergstr. 19

34109 Kassel

The task of the committee for safeguarding good academic practice consists in shedding light on the facts according to the “Principles for Safeguarding Good Academic Practice at the University of Kassel” in the version dated 10 November 2010, if there is any suspicion that a case of inappropriate academic behaviour has occurred.

If a doctorate is completed within four years in state-funded faculty positions or in positions that are limited in time according to Section 2 Para. 1 of the Academic Temporary Contract Act and with funds from outside sources or within three years in the case of scholarships, the supervisors will receive an award amounting to EUR 3,000 and this will be paid to the relevant cost centre within the faculty.

The key dates for doctorates in positions funded by the state and third parties are the start of the contractual relationship for the qualification position (state position or first third-party funding position) and the day on which a first positive examiner’s report is received.

The key dates for scholarships are the acceptance date by the doctoral examination committee and the day on which a first positive examiner’s report is received. An appropriate application without the need for any special forms should be sent to the Department for Personnel and Organisation for the allocation of the award.

The money is designed to be used to encourage young academics, i.e. to provide support for publications, for example, to participate in congresses or for other personnel development measures. It is also possible to use these funds to provide support during a post-doctoral research phase for the successful doctoral candidate with the aim of attracting outside funding.

Procedure to apply for the award

Once the doctorate has been completed, it is possible to apply for the award from the Personnel Department without the need to use any special forms.

The award is tied to an individual. The application will be checked by the Personnel Department and the award will then be credited to the specified cost centre.

The application must be sent to Department III D with the following details:

  • the precise employment/scholarship data of the doctoral candidate,
  •  the date when the thesis was handed in,
  • the time when the first examiner’s report was received and
  • the doctorate viva date (only if already arranged and if necessary).