Vi­sit­ing pro­fes­sor­ship

Fi­nan­ci­al sup­port for vi­sit­ing aca­de­mics from ab­road to lec­tu­re

The University of Kassel is making available semester-related funding to the faculties in order to financially support the process of inviting visiting academics from abroad; this is part of the process of internationalising the teaching within the framework of achieving “Internationalisation at Home”. This should enable students to attend classes that complement the regular curriculum with units of instruction that have an international flavour and are provided by visiting lecturers.

Applications for financial support to invite visiting academics from abroad can be made through the Department for Internationalisation and International Cooperation. Funding can be provided for between one week and a maximum period of two months. The further conditions for funding are:  

  • the visiting academic must at least have qualifications at a post-Ph.D. level*,
  • the integration in the unit(s) of instruction must involve at least 6 hours per week* in the teaching plan throughout the duration of any stay,
  • you must justify why any funding from third-party sources – for example, from DAAD scholarship programmes – is not possible for different reasons (e.g. application deadlines, funding criteria). 

* Special conditions apply to the Kunsthochschule: qualifications here should be documented through a portfolio and a personal curriculum vitae; as a result, no post-Ph.D. status or list of publications is expected. In line with the higher teaching load in artistic/practical subjects, the planned volume of teaching should total at least 10 hours per week throughout the duration of any stay. 

Application criteria: 

  1. An informal application providing the reasons on how the visiting lecturer can offer additional benefits to internationalise the teaching.
  2. Details on the planned timing of the stay.
  3. A CV and list of publications from the visiting lecturer.
  4. A description of the planned unit(s) of instruction, including the amount of teaching, content and integrating the unit of instruction in the curriculum; the visiting lectureship may be incorporated into existing units of instruction. 

Applications can be made at any time. Support can be offered, provided that the relevant resources are available. 

Please contact the Department for Internationalisation and International Cooperation before preparing your application.