Erasmus+ internships

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The Erasmus+ programme is an action programme organised by the European Commission to encourage student mobility in other countries in Europe.  

The Erasmus+ internship programme is geared towards all students at the University of Kassel who would like to complete an internship abroad in Europe during their course or directly after their course (graduates). See the video for an information overview (English subtitles).

  • An internship abroad that is relevant to studies and students look for it on their own initiative
    • Compulsory internships and also voluntary internships related to studies are supported
    • Internships in a home office in Germany, where the internship institution is located abroad, are not supported.
  • Duration: at least 60 days, max. 6 months (180 days) per internship stay. One month is always equivalent to 30 days.
  • Time involved on a weekly basis: minimum 30h (normally 35-40 hours per week | for teaching students: full-time equivalent hours of teaching)
  • Academic Recognition: Compulsory Internships (ECTS), Voluntary Internships (Transcript of Records / Diploma Supplement / Europass)

  • Enrollment at the University of Kassel (full-time course). Exchange students are excluded from any funding.
  • If you do your internship after completing your studies (as a graduate), you must still be enrolled at the time when you apply; you must be removed from the register during the internship.
  • Your status must not change during the entire internship: You are either enrolled at the University of Kassel for the entire period or exmatriculated for the entire period.
  • You have not yet made use of your full Erasmus allocation. You can obtain funding for up to 12 months during each study phase (BA, MA, PhD) (periods of study or internships).  
  • Doctoral candidates must clearly prove their affiliation with the University of Kassel (certificate of enrollment or letter of confirmation from the supervisor of acceptance as a doctoral candidate). If there is also an employment relationship with the University of Kassel, the internship abroad cannot be funded via this funding line, but possibly as staff mobility.
  • Countries taking part

 The following do not attract any funding:

Your complete application should arrive at the International Office two months before the start of your internship. If this is not possible, please contact us early! If we receive an application for an internship that starts in less than 4 weeks, it may not be funded or not funded from the beginning.

The internship institution must already be known.


  • Online application via our application portal
  • CV (Europass template or individual format; is uploaded with the online application)
  • Statement of purpose (take note of the instructions; is uploaded with the online application)
  • Enrolment certificate (scan is uploaded with the online application)
  • Written confirmation of relevance to studies: your practical studies department/practical coordination office/examinations office must verify the relevance of your internship to your studies and state whether it is a voluntary or mandatory internship.

Please inform us immediately by e-mail after you have submitted the application in our application portal and send us the confirmation of relevance to studies as an attachment.

You can hand in documents by post, e-mail or in person.  

Only scans are accepted (.pdf, jpg). Photos of documents will not be accepted.

Selection process

Applicants are selected by the International Office of the University of Kassel. The evaluation criteria are the completeness of the documents, the fulfillment of the formal requirements as well as the professional and professional motivation for the internship in the form of the motivation letter.

The Erasmus+ mobility allowance depends on your country of destination.

Funding rates (This document is currently only available in a German version)

Information on special funding for participants with a child or a disability can be found here
The funding rates depend on the amount of funds allocated by the DAAD; so they may differ from those quoted here next year.


Documents needing to be submitted

You will receive the following documents from us; all of them must be handed in at the International Office before the start of your internship.  

  • Learning agreement for internships: the agreement between you, your internship institution and the University of Kassel. It must be typed by all the parties and personally signed. The International Office requires at least one scan.
  • Grant agreement: a funding agreement between you and the University of Kassel. The International Office requires the original copy of the agreement. 
  • Online language test: each person participating in the Erasmus+ programme must complete a mandatory language test before and after ending their period of mobility. The access data will be sent to you by e-mail. The International Office is automatically notified after you have taken the language test. 
  • The test is merely used for statistical purposes and to check whether the period spent abroad has helped develop students’ language skills. It does not have any effect on your funding!
  • Languages currently available: Bulgarian, Danish, German, English, Finnish, French, Greek, Italian, Croatian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish, Slovakian, Spanish, Czech and Hungarian.  


No insurance is associated with an Erasmus scholarship. Each person participating in the scheme is obliged to obtain adequate insurance cover on their own. The EU Commission, the DAAD and the University of Kassel are not liable for damage or losses that occur during any semester spent abroad.

The conclusion of an accident insurance for damages suffered by the beneficiary in the workplace, and a liability insurance for damages caused by the beneficiary in the workplace is mandatory.

Please note: It is possible for participants to make use of the DAAD’s group insurance policy at their own expense. Health, accident and third-party liability insurance are all included. You can obtain more information from the DAAD. The phone number of the insurance office is: 0228/882-294.

Language course

Once you have completed the language course, it is possible that you will receive an invitation to a free language course in the working or national language. The International Office can provide more information about this. You can obtain more information on the OLS language test and the language courses at:

If any changes take place with regard to the learning agreement, e.g. the person supervising your internship, please inform the International Office immediately and hand in the “Major changes form” (only if relevant!).


If the duration of your internship is curtailed, the funding will be adapted. The minimum duration of 60 days must be maintained. Otherwise the mobility allowance will be reclaimed. You will find more details in the grant agreement.  


If you wish to extend your internship and apply for additional funding for this, the application must reach us (no form necessary, by e-mail) at least 30 days before the end of the original internship period.

The completion documents must reach the International Office within 30 days of the end of the internship.  

EU survey (questionnaire)
You will be automatically requested to complete a survey by e-mail using the EU’s mobility tool. 
Online language test
You will be requested to complete the language test by e-mail again.
Traineeship certificate
Make sure that your internship supervisor completes this printed form as confirmation that you have completed your internship. The International Office requires a copy or a scan of this.

Internship Report
Provide a description of your experiences related to your internship for subsequent students. Please use this template with the cover page and send us the report by e-mail. Here you will find a guide for writing the Internship Report.

Advice on internships/school placements abroad: Alexa Schubert

Universität Kassel
International Office
Moritzstr. 18 (2nd floor)
34127 Kassel

phone: 0561/804- 2539
fax: 0561/804-3513


Open office hours of Mrs. Schubert:
Tuesday and Thursday, 13-14 h and by appointment

Initial information by student assistant:
Monday, 13-14 h