Each selected participant receives an Erasmus mobility allowance, which is designed to cover the increase in costs caused by being abroad. This is not a full-ride scholarship.  
The following conditions must be met:

  • You must have confirmation from the International Office
  • All the documents must have been submitted in full and on time

Funding rates 2022/23

The Erasmus mobility allowance can be combined with BAföG abroad.  Please contact the responsible BAföG office for more detailed information.

Participants with fewer opportunities receive 250€ additional funding per month
- Students and graduates with a disability of GdB 20 or more or with a chronic disease
- Students and graduates who spend their stay abroad with children
- First-time academics (students and graduates from a non-academic home)
- working students

More information can be found here.

Top up for "green travel"

Students who travel the main part of the journey to the host institution by low-emission means of transport such as bus, train, or carpooling will receive a travel allowance of 50€ (one-time).