Received the go-ahead for Erasmus – what happens next?

You will find all the templates and information on the individual documents in our download section.

You have to submit various documents prior to, during and after your stay abroad at the International Office of the University of Kassel.

Documents to be submitted before the beginning of the stay:

Digital Learning Agreement (DiLA)
This is a list of all courses that you are planning to complete during your semester abroad at your host university. Inform yourself in advance on the websites of the host university about the course offer or ask the Departmental Coordinator in Kassel. The Learning Agreement must include all the courses you wish to complete at the host university (at least 24 ECTS credits per semester or 16 ECTS credits per trimester).

Grant Agreement
This document forms the contractual and financial foundation of your Erasmus study period and can therefore only be accepted with an original signature.

OLS language test
In addition, an OLS language test is required before starting the mobility (not required for native speakers). You will be informed in time by e-mail about the procedure.

Deadline: 15.07. (Stays in the winter semester) - 15.12. (Stays in the summer semester)


You can obtain authoritative information about leave of absence from the student affairs office.
Semesters on leave do not count as regular semesters.
It is not normally possible to earn any credits or complete examinations.
Your performance during any semester abroad will normally be accredited, despite any semesters on leave. 


There is no insurance cover associated with an Erasmus scholarship. Each participant must obtain adequate insurance cover for themselves. The EU Commission, the DAAD or the University of Kassel are not liable for any loss/damage that occurs during any semester spent abroad.
Please note: it is possible for participants to make use of the DAAD’s group insurance policy. This includes health/accident and third-party liability insurance. You can obtain further information from the DAAD insurance office (phone: 0228/882-294).


Visa information

Please check in good time whether you need a visa for the country that you are visiting. You can obtain authoritative information from the responsible consulates, the DAAD and the German Foreign Ministry. Please note the safety information for the country that you are visiting too on the Foreign Ministry’s website.



Please note the safety information for your host country on the webseite of the Federal Foreign Office.


Each participant must arrange their travel to the place of study and the local accommodation themselves. Many of our partner universities offer places in student halls of residence and/or support when searching for accommodation on the private housing market.
Please contact the responsible persons at your host institution regarding this. An Erasmus scholarship does not guarantee that you will obtain a place in a hall of residence. 

Other matters You will find other helpful information about your time abroad within the Erasmus+ Programme at the Erasmus Guidelines for Students at the University of Kassel and on the DAAD website.