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The Master of Education provides the professional basis for teaching at vocational schools with the subject of health. The degree enables entry into the second phase of teacher training, the pedagogical preparatory service (Referendariat). Possible schools of this type include: Vocational schools for health professions regulated by the Vocational Training Act (BBiG) or the Crafts Code (HWO) (e.g. (e.g. optician, healthcare salesperson, orthopedic shoemaker, orthopedic technician, medical assistant, dental assistant, dental technician), Fachoberschule (FOS) with a specialization in health or Berufliche Gymnasien (vocational high schools) with a specialization in health (health as an advanced course or as a supplementary basic course). With the Master of Arts, a teaching position is possible at schools of health care, especially at vocational schools for nursing professions, or in the further and continuing education sector of health care.

Vocational schools and schools of health care

Fields of activity for graduates of this degree program can be vocational schools or schools of health care. In addition, after graduation you can also work in continuing education and training for health professions. Here is a brief explanation of the terms:
Vocational schools include state vocational schools that are part of the dual education system. Among others, (dental) medical assistants, health care clerks or orthopedic technicians are trained there. In addition, vocational high schools and technical high schools are part of the vocational schools. They are part of secondary level two, and graduates of these schools can go on to university. Health care schools include vocational schools for nursing or therapy professions. They provide school-based training in the healthcare sector. A traineeship is not usually required to work at this type of school, but it is not common to be appointed to a civil service position there either. Here is an overview:


Vocational schools

Schools in the health care sector


  • Vocational schools
  • Vocational high schools
  • Vocational high schools
  • Vocational schools for nursing
  • Vocational schools for physical therapy


  • Second state examination, i.e. completion of a vocational pedagogical study at master's level (M.Ed.) and completed internship
  • Completion of a vocational pedagogical study (master level usually required)

Employment status

  • Usually civil servant
  • I.d.R. Employed by the school or the superior clinic