Career prospects

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There is no fixed occupational field for biologists , but there is a broad spectrum of very different niches. For Master's graduates in biology, a wide range of professional opportunities comes into consideration, whereby, due to the acquired subject-specific and interdisciplinary competences, an activity in research and development  is in the foreground. The Master's program in biology also lays the foundations for successful doctoral studies. 

The following areas of activity could be considered, among others:

  • Research and development (e.g. pharmaceutical or biotech companies, universities, research institutes).
  • Sales and marketing (e.g. biotech or pharmaceutical companies)
  • Governmental activities (e.g., in the environmental or genetic engineering field; state and federal criminal investigation agencies)
  • Quality management
  • Information management ("infobroking")
  • Monitoring of clinical studies
  • Science journalism
  • Press and public relations
  • Editing
  • Independent expert (e.g. in environmental issues)
  • Patent attorney (after appropriate additional training)