Accessibility on campus

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Information on building access and spatial conditions

The following tables provide an initial overview of the barrier-free accessibility and spatial conditions of the most important student facilities. As well as a listing of bar­rie­re­free­en WC's, information on Ru­he- and Lie­ge­räu­men and bar­rie­re­free PKW-Stell­plät­zen

University locations with listing of barrier-free WC's

Below you will find a listing of the accessible WCs, sorted by the individual locations of the University of Kassel.

Hessian State Domain Frankenhausen

The recording of the barrier-free WCs at this location is still pending.

Rest and lounging areas

Under the following link you will find all important information as well as a list of all rest rooms at the individual university locations:
Rest and reclining rooms of the University of Kassel

New rest room in the Campus Center

In the Campus Center you will find one of the most modern rest rooms / first aid rooms (room 0118) of the University of Kassel. If you need it, please report to the information desk on the first floor. There you will receive the key to the quiet room and you can make further arrangements about the use of the room and possible need for assistance.

Barrier-free car parking spaces

The following map gives you an overview of the campus's own barrier-free car parking spaces.

In addition, there are other municipal barrier-free parking spaces in the near vicinity of the university campus.

If you have any questions about barrier-free car parking spaces, please contact:

Michaela Bierkandt
Tel. +49 561 804-3242

If you have any suggestions or criticisms about existing structural barriers, please contact us.