Career prospects

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As a graduate of the master's program, you will usually have already specialized in a particular area. Depending on your specialization, you will have a wide range of opportunities that extend far beyond the art sector. The classic occupational fields are in the exhibition business. In cultural institutions such as museums, galleries and art associations, the tasks include curation, education and mediation, press and public relations, the care of collections and scientific assistance. Typical jobs are also in archives and libraries or in the fields of monument preservation and restoration. Here, traineeships often offer a good start. In addition, management positions can be taken on in auction houses, art insurance companies, associations or foundations. Often, however, art scholars also find employment in radio or television, the press, or in publishing, both on an editorial and journalistic level. The newer media industry also offers prospects when it comes to the content and maintenance of Internet presences. Other opportunities lie in the tourism industry, cultural education and the organization of cultural events. During your professional career, you can sharpen your profile through targeted work experience and further training. Unlike Bachelor's graduates, Master's graduates also have the opportunity to pursue a career in the university context in the field of research and teaching. You can apply for a research position in a humanities or cultural studies institute, with the option of a doctorate.

Overview of typical fields of activity:

  • Exhibitions: Museums, galleries, art associations, especially as a curator, event management, education and outreach, press and public relations.
  • archives, libraries, documentation departments, preservation of historical monuments, restoration, inventory, documentation, restoration consulting
  • Educational institutions for adults and extracurricular youth work
  • Art market: auction houses, art insurance, etc.
  • Radio, film, television, media industry
  • Tourism
  • publishing, cultural journalism, art criticism
  • coordinating functions at associations, foundations and scientific organizations
  • scientific work in research and teaching at universities, academies, technical or art colleges
  • doctorate

Here you will find insights into professional practice based on interviews with experts from different areas of Kassel's cultural landscape.

During their studies, internships can help them make contacts and gain initial experience in different career fields. The Career Service of the University of Kassel also supports them when it comes to applications, job searches or company profiles.

You can also get information from the "Association of German Art Historians". The professional association provides a lot of information for young professionals and represents their interests. With a bachelor's degree in art history, you can become a member and have access to a job portal.