Sustainability Studies (minor subject)

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At a glance

  • Degree: Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts
  • Start: Winter semester
  • Duration: 6 semesters
  • Scope of study: 40 credits
  • Admission restriction: no

Note on the application

The minor subject is studied as a so-called "combination bachelor". You apply for one of our offered major subjects and then choose your desired minor subject.

About the study program

The minor in Sustainability Studies consists of three parts: the basic modules, the Sustainability Studies project and a specialization module. What makes us unique in Kassel are the options available:

You may choose from a portfolio of 29 specializations.

Here is an introduction to the science of sustainability: What are the concepts, understandings and terms of sustainability? Which basic methods of sustainability research are important for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary cooperation?

Module descriptions

Students can choose a specialization from a total of 29 specializations. 

Each specialization deals with questions of sustainability from a specific "specialist perspective" - i.e. a particular discipline (e.g. from a technical perspective or a political perspective etc.) or a specific area of application (e.g. IT). You will find information on the individual focus areas linked below. We recommend that you click on some of the focal points to get a better idea of them.

  1. Human scientific prerequisites for sustainable development
  2. Human-nature relations (philosophy)
  3. Sustainability communication and social participation
  4. Sustainability communication in crisis discourses
  5. Sustainability communication on cultural norms and values
  6. Genesis and structures: sustainability concepts and nature relations
  7. Processes and consequences: Diversity, globalization and solidarity
  8. Actors and practices of socio-ecological transformations
  9. Sustainable, energy-efficient buildings
  10. The green, climate-friendly city
  11. Socially just urban development
  12. Biological principles of sustainability - molecular biology
  13. Biological principles of sustainability - ecology & Botany
  14. Mathematical foundations for SDG considerations
  15. Sustainability in chemical-physical applications
  16. Ecological agricultural systems
  17. Organic agriculture and society
  18. Mobility and transportation
  19. Water management
  20. Sustainable material cycles and product life cycles
  21. Environmental economics
  22. Sustainability management
  23. Environmental sustainability law
  24. Social sustainability law
  25. Sustainability studies on electrical energy technology
  26. Computer science: people and society
  27. Artificial intelligence and data science
  28. Computer Science: Safety and Reliability
  29. Critical Sustainability in Art and Design

We work together on a practical task, which is completed in mixed (interdisciplinary) student teams and together with external practice partners.

 Module description

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Questions about the application procedure and formalities

The Student Information Office provides information about the degree programs on offer and assists with questions about general degree program information (admission requirements, deadlines, application and enrollment procedures, admission, etc.).

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Course content

Questions about the content and procedure will be answered in detail at the so-called "Student Advisory Service". Please contact Damaris Müller and Benjamin Matoff by email.

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