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The dual study program in agriculture combines agricultural training with a bachelor's degree in organic farming. This allows you to combine theory and practice. The dual study program is an investment that enables you to work in practical agriculture or close to it later on. In addition, the total training period (at least two years of apprenticeship, three years of bachelor studies) can be shortened to approx. four and a half years. This is a cooperation between the Department of Ecological Agricultural Sciences at the University of Kassel and the Hessen State Farming Agency.

At a glance

Degrees: Bachelor of Science Organic Agriculture (B.Sc.) and farmer or gardener.

Start of training: usually August

Start of studies: winter semester one year after start of training

Duration: 24 months of vocational training, approx. 5 semesters of study

Admission restriction (NC): No

Access requirements

For the bachelor's degree program in Organic Agriculture, you need one of the following degrees:

  • General university entrance qualification
  • Subject-related higher education entrance qualification
  • Advanced technical college entrance qualification

A good overview of the various degrees and their differences can be found on the website "Zugangsvoraussetzungen" of the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art.

Study information event on Bachelor Ecological Agriculture and Master's degree programs

Application for vocational training and studies

Application for vocational training: Prior to your studies, you will complete at least twelve months (maximum 13 - 14 months) of agricultural or horticultural vocational training at a recognized training company in Germany. The training year usually begins on August 1.
During the training period, you as a trainee are subject to the regulations of the Vocational Training Act as well as the school law of the respective federal state in which you complete the training. This means, among other things, that you must keep a report book and are generally required to attend vocational school. > >Detailed information on vocational training as a farmer

Application deadline training

6 - 9 months before August 1

Enrollment period study


Application for studies: After this training year, apply in August for the winter semester for the Bachelor's degree program in Organic Agriculture (via the ecampus portal of the University of Kassel). In the ecampus portal, you will be asked to indicate whether you are studying dual and have the opportunity to upload relevant evidence (e.g. training contract).

Vocational training and final examination in another federal state:
► Consultation with the responsible office for agricultural training in this federal state is required
► Information to the study coordination in Witzenhausen.

Course of study

After your second semester, you will complete a second one-year vocational training program at a recognized training company in Hesse . In the second training phase you are again employed as a trainee at the company. You can remain immtrikuliertt at the same time or exmatriculate for this period. In total, you must prove that you have completed at least 24 years of vocational training, whereby the examination date (final examination) may not be more than two months before the end of the training period. Requirements for admission to the final vocational examination are:

  • Training at state-recognized training companies,
  • training contract(s) registered with the competent office for vocational training, proof of successful completion of the training course
  • Keeping of a report book
  • Participation in inter-company training and in the intermediate examination.

Students in the dual study program are, according to the Hess. Schulgesetz (Hessian School Act), are entitled to attend vocational school during the second practical phase, but are not required to attend vocational school. Participation in the inter-company training courses is required. If the scheduled training course dates are outside your practice times, early agreement on alternative dates is necessary.

Upon completion of the training period, you will re-enroll as a student:in the Bachelor of Organic Agriculture program and continue your studies. The training period and the grade of the final examination will be counted towards the professional internship in the bachelor's degree program.
If you plan to complete the second period of training and the final examination in another federal state, please contact the responsible office for vocational training in this federal state immediately. In addition, please inform the study coordination in Witzenhausen immediately.

Exemplary training and study plan

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Contact persons

Holger Mittelstraß (Studienkoordinator, Geschäftsführer des Prüfungsausschusses)

Mittelstraß, Holger
+49 5542 98-1240
+49 561 804-1309
Steinstraße 19
37213 Witzenhausen

Ulrich Steuernagel (Landesbetrieb Landwirtschaft Hessen (LLH) -Zuständige Stelle für Berufsbildung)