Master thesis

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The Master's thesis takes 22 weeks to complete. As a rule, an experimental and scientific examination of a topic of your choice takes place. It is also possible to analyze existing data in the subject areas or data collected by the students themselves in greater depth.

  • Topiccurrent offers (learning platform Moodle)
  • Scope: approx. 80 pages of text, the work must be limited by the two supervisors so that the deadline for completion can be met
  • Supervision: two examiners.
  • Registration: Submission of the form and attachments to the Student Administration Office; from 2016: on the second Monday of each month; a maximum of 12 credits may still be open at the time of registration, including the module Study Colloquium. It must be stated how the missing credits will be completed by the time the Master's thesis is submitted.
  • Admission: Admission is granted one week after your documents have been checked.
  • Submission: usually three bound copies (no ring binding) as well as a USB stick with a complete version and an anonymized version (without title page and declaration of independence) as pdf files at the Registrar's Office (if the examiners agree to their own digital copy, several USB sticks can also be handed in accordingly. The sticks can be collected from the Student Administration Office or the examiners afterwards); early submission is possible after 18 weeks at the earliest.
  • Extension: Medical certificates can extend the submission deadline if they are submitted to the Student Administration Office within three days. Applications for extensions due to other valid reasons must be submitted to the Examination Board (P.O. Box Student Administration Office) before the submission deadline, stating the reasons and with the approval of the first supervisor.

The oral colloquium takes place with the two supervisors at the earliest two and at the latest six weeks after submission of the Master's thesis .  Participation in the colloquium requires that all credits of the degree program have been earned and that at least the grade "sufficient" has been achieved in the Master's thesis. The date is arranged by the student directly with the examiners and the Registrar's Office is informed of the date when the thesis is submitted. In the colloquium, the thesis is presented for 30 minutes and questions are asked by the examiners, which may also touch on related fields of knowledge. The colloquium lasts a total of 60 minutes. An application for online completion can be submitted to the Registrar's Office at  with justification.

Please note:

If you do not wish to re-register for the following semester, you must calculate your timetable so that the oral colloquium is taken by the end of March or the end of September at the latest. Alternatively, you must re-register for the following semester. If the oral colloquium is taken by the end of April or the end of October at the latest, the semester fee can be fully refunded retroactively via the Asta.

More information about registration on the department page