Elective modules

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A total of eleven elective modules must be completed. Of these, one to five modules must be chosen from the area of elective method modules and six to ten modules from the area of elective subject modules. You can decide for yourself from which areas the subject modules are chosen.

L05 Introduction and application of Bayesian methods in agricultural science.

L06 Communication and biodiversity consulting

L13 An­ge­wand­te Me­tho­den of plant­ces­breeding­tion

L17 Sta­tis­tik and Ver­seeks­pla­ning II

L20 Me­tho­den of animal­well­for­schung

L44 An­ge­wand­te Me­tho­den of animal­breeding

E05M Mar­ke­ting re­se­arch

I19M Par­ti­ci­pa­to­ry re­se­arch me­thods for sustaina­bi­li­ty

P15M Me­thods and ad­van­ces in plant pro­tec­tion

P27M Nut­ri­ent dy­na­mics: long-term ex­pe­ri­ments and mo­del­ling - bi­lin­gu­al

L23 Nutrient cycles, energy flows, and life cycle assessments.

L24 Phytopathological field course

L25 Soil microbiology, soil quality

L26 Selected chapters of agricultural engineering

L27 Ecology and multifunctionality of grassland

L30 Vegetation and site

L31 Special aspects of organic farming

L32 Ecological plant breeding

L34 Ecology and nature conservation

L36 Field forage production and bioenergy production

L37 Future workshop on organic vegetable production

L38 Analysis of climate resilience of agroecosystems

L39 Water resource management in the agricultural and environmental sector

P05 Organic cropping systems under temperate and (sub)tropical conditions

P13 Agrobiodiversity and plant genetic resources in the tropics

L41 Animal-friendly and environmentally compatible livestock farming

L45 Compact module - The dairy cattle

L46 Process and product quality in biodynamic agriculture

L51 Farm animals and landscape

L52 Environmental indicators and life cycle assessments

L53 Honeybees and wild bees in the agricultural landscape

L54 Conservation breeding and biodiversity management in farm animals

A14 Organic livestock farming under temperate conditions


L61 Decision theory

L64 Organic food quality, processing

L66 Sociocultural dimensions of rural development

L76 Sustainability science

L77 Institutions and collective action in the agricultural and environmental sector

L78 Processing of plant products

L80 Regional future scenarios of sustainable agriculture

E06 International organic food markets and marketing

I09 Sustainable diets

F46 Quality management and certification for organic products


Additional project work may be counted as an elective module. Notes: Project study

Detailed descriptions of the modules can be found in the examination regulations

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