Application with foreign certificates

This page contains automatically translated content.

Admission requirements for this master's degree program

  • Passed Bachelor's examination in social pedagogy, social work or social work or professional qualification as Diplom-Sozialarbeiter:in or professional qualification as Diplom-Sozialpädagog:in or professional qualification as Diplom-Sozialarbeiter:in and -Sozialpädagog:in or professionally equivalent.
  • and proof of a standard period of study of at least 6 semesters and at least 180 credits
  • and proof of professional experience in a field of social work over a period of at least three months, or state recognition as an
    • educator or
    • social worker or
    • social pedagogue
  • and proof of special suitability for the Master's program, documented by a high degree of professional reflexivity and by a high level of interest in and experience in teaching social pedagogical content. Evidence must be provided in the form of a letter of motivation (5,000 to 8,000 characters including spaces) in which the following aspects are addressed:
    1. What qualifies you for the course of studies against the background of your professional experience (professional practical studies)?
    2. What is your motivation to attend the Master's program?
    3. What knowledge and skills would you like to deepen or acquire in the study program?
  • and proof of experience in teaching social pedagogical content: As a rule, this is the case if relevant teaching activity at a general education school, vocational school, institution of education, further education and training, in particular for social professions, or within the framework of a professionally relevant social pedagogically oriented qualification of e.g. day care workers or youth leaders can be proven. The teaching activity is usually to be documented by work/internship certificates or work/internship certificates.
  • and detailed curriculum vitae in tabular form.

In justified exceptional cases, the Examination Committee may link the admission to the condition that the teaching experience is made up for or proven by the end of the first semester. An application to this effect can be granted in particular if a commitment to a relevant internship is submitted with the application documents.
The examination board can grant admission on the condition that any knowledge that is lacking up to the master's thesis is proven by successful completion of modules defined by the examination board in the amount of up to 30 credits.

  1. 1.Application


    • I inform myself about the application procedure on the uni-assist website: "Apply".
    • I watch the webinars on the application procedure via uni-assist, if applicable.

    As a prospective student (also Germans, as well as EU citizens) with a first professional qualification from abroad, you must always apply via uni-assist . uni-assist is the German service point for international student applications and processes international student applications. 

    Uploading your documents in the uni-assist portal is the first step. The application is only complete when you transfer the application fee afterwards.

    The application process is completely online. Please do not send any documents by mail to uni-assist. 

  2. 2.Application


    • I inform myself about the required documents on the study program page.
    • I check the country information on the uni-assist website: Country information. 
    • I read the uni-assist notes on the sworn translations: Notarizations and translations.
    • I have my documents to be submitted translated into German or English.
    • I create digital copies of the original documents and certificates. 
  3. 3.Application

    • I use a desktop PC or a laptop.
    • I open the website of the uni-assist application portal: Apply online.
    • I click on "To the online portal" and"Registration". After registration, I receive an activation link by e-mail at .
    • I then fill out the application form and upload the documents. 
    • I inform myself about the fees here: Processing fees uni-assist and pay the amount.  
    • I receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail. 

    The online application forms are complex and cannot be completed with a smartphone. Take some time and use a laptop or a PC. 

  4. 4.Application


    • I wait for the results of the uni-assist test and, if necessary, I will submit further documents.

    uni-assist checks whether you meet the formal requirements for admission to study at the University of Kassel. You will receive the result after about 4-6 weeks by e-mail and by post. If the formal requirements are met, your data will be forwarded to the University of Kassel.

    If you do not meet the formal requirements for admission, your documents will not be forwarded to the University of Kassel.

    Procedure when the documents are available at the University of Kassel

    The application will first be formally examined: Have all documents been submitted? Are the formal requirements met?

    Upon completion of the formal examination, the application is forwarded to the examination board of your chosen degree programme.

    In the next step, the examination board checks whether the substantive requirements for admission are also met. The examination board decides on the equivalence of the subject matter, the acknowledgement of previous performance, it decides on admission and rejection and, if necessary, imposes conditions regarding content.

    The examination board reports the result back to the Master's Office digitally.

    Should it be discovered in the course of the procedure that documents are missing, the applicants will be informed of this by email. The email will state the deadline for submission.

    Depending on the Master's programme, it may take up to six weeks before you receive the result. Please refrain from making any enquiries during this period.

  5. 5.Commitment

    • I will receive a positive notification by e-mail   from the University of Kassel.
      • If necessary, I still have to submit documents.