Career prospects

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In our Master's program in Sociology, we prepare you for a broad professional field, but we also want to offer you the opportunity to specialize in terms of content and to sharpen your own profile. The program takes place in small, very well-supported groups. In a mentoring program, we discuss all questions concerning the program with you. In addition, an evening event is held each semester by students and lecturers at which results from seminars are presented. In Kassel Sociology there is an annual "Sociological Tour" with exciting panels and joint celebrations. The student council also offers a wide range of activities. The professorships conduct various research projects and are active in research centers (see the web presence of the department). This provides opportunities for you to work as a research assistant.

Is this degree program a good fit for me?

In the online course: "Studying Sociology in Kassel" you can get to know the program intensively and decide whether it is the right choice for you.

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What awaits you in the Master's program in Sociology

We asked the lecturers in Sociology about what distinguishes the program in Kassel, what the goals of Sociology education are, what expectations they have of students, and what career fields are open to you with a Master's degree.

Special features of the Master's program in Sociology in Kassel

  • Small working groups and very good supervision ratio
  • Mentoring program
  • Plenty of room for guided self-study and concentration on few(r) exams
  • Broad qualification in the subject of sociology, but at the same time possibility for specialization and profile formation
  • Close integration of theoretical and methodological training
  • Campus studies: short distances, good services and "family" atmosphere
  • Residential environment with low cost of living

Requirements in the courses

  • Solid preparation for seminars; follow-up on what has been discussed
  • Willingness to independently study professional literature, conduct analysis and comment on a research question
  • Ability to work independently, professional manner and ability to work in a team
  • Confident handling of sociological terminology and writing of scientific texts
  • Willingness to acquire software skills to conduct exemplary analyses
  • Application of relevant presentation and moderation techniques

Goals and career field perspectives

The Master's program in Sociology provides access to diverse professional fields. The broad field of application is not a disadvantage, on the contrary: The more dynamic society is, the more it needs a solid basic knowledge that can be used for different fields. You should therefore be enabled to become an expert in social processes and structural interrelationships in a special way. You will obtain an individual profile through content-related focal points and preferred theories and methods of the subject. In addition, you will acquire the following general competencies:

  • Independent work and creative application of acquired knowledge
  • Translation of problems into adequate research questions and designs
  • Reflection and critique of the state of sociological research
  • Presentation skills for scientific and practical contexts
  • Ability to abstract and comprehensively analyze a subject and complex contexts
  • Independent writing of scientific texts, information material, documentation, etc.

Potential occupational fields include

  • State and federal authorities, ministries, administrations (state, city, municipalities)
  • Scientific research at universities and other institutes
  • Business (management, personnel departments, works councils, etc.)
  • Journalism, media and publishing
  • University and science management
  • Political parties and associations (employers' associations, trade unions)
  • Social institutions, NGOs
  • Market and opinion research

This is what you should bring with you for the master's program in sociology

In order to give you a decision-making aid for the selection of your field of study, the lecturers of Sociology have commented in a survey on which interests and competences are particularly well suited to the Master's program in Sociology in Kassel. However, please do not be irritated if not every single one of these characteristics matches your self-assessment. Think of it as a guide!

  • Interest in social and societal phenomena, contexts and changes
  • Willingness to be attentive to life in society, but at the same time able to engage in abstract thinking, i.e., to simplify complex issues
  • Interest in scientific questions and the comparison of different perspectives
  • Willingness to read, desire to read even complicated texts, and competence to deal with texts in a well-versed and reflective manner
  • Desire for analytical thinking
  • Critical faculties and the ability to engage in factual and critical debate
  • Organizational competence for one's own learning process
  • Competence to acquire knowledge in teams and independently
  • Good written and oral expression skills
  • Presentation and methodological skills
  • Basic mathematical skills (basic arithmetic operations, knowledge of mathematical symbols, percentage calculation)
  • Knowledge of SPSS and/or STATA
  • Basic and recallable knowledge of sociological theories, methods of empirical social research and statistics