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Be a student for a week, get a taste of the lectures in your chosen degree program, attend seminars and lectures, and get in touch with teachers and students. This is exactly what the introductory study program at the University of Kassel makes possible!

The next taster course will take place from January 20-24, 2025.

The University of Kassel organizes the trial study together with the responsible teachers of our cooperation schools.
If you are a student of a cooperation school, you will be informed about the responsible teachers and receive all further necessary information from your school.

  • Albert Schweitzer School, Hofgeismar
  • Albert Schweitzer School, Kassel
  • Vocational schools Korbach
  • Federal President Theodor Heuss School, Homberg/Efze
  • Elisabeth Knipping School, Kassel
  • Friedrich List School, Kassel
  • Friedrichsgymnasium, Kassel
  • Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg School, Kassel
  • Gustav-Stresemann High School, Bad Wildungen
  • Herderschule School, Kassel
  • Jacob Grimm School, Kassel
  • Max Eyth School, Kassel
  • Paul-Julius-von-Reuter School, Kassel
  • Walter-Lübcke School, Wolfhagen
  • Wilhelmsgymnasium, Kassel
  • Goethe High School, Kassel
  • Engelsburg High School, Kassel

Can I participate in the trial study if my school is not a cooperating school?

Yes! The trial study is also open to students from other schools. You can also register for the trial study, there is no cost to you.

What is in store for me?

In the trial study program, you will attend  selected courses of a study program (lectures, seminars, counseling and introductory events)every day for one week, both in the mornings and in the afternoons, and will have the opportunity to come into contact with students and teachers. The program is individual for each study program. Therefore, there is no general schedule.

How do I register?

You can only register for *one* degree program. Select a study program and register using the registration form. You will then receive further information on dates and contact persons. Participation is expected throughout the entire period.
The number of participants is limited to a total of 600 places. In the case of subjects with limited participation, a decision will be made by drawing lots if the maximum number of participants is exceeded. If participation is limited, a second choice may be indicated.

Cooperation school trial study

You would like to become a cooperation school and participate in the trial study with your school?

Cooperation school trial study: More Infos


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