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Admission requirements for this master's degree program

  • Bachelor's or Diplom I examination passed with at least "good" (2.5) in
    • Economics
    • Psychology
    • Business Administration
    • Economics
    • social work
    • Business education
    • Industrial engineering
    • Business Psychology
    • or professionally equivalent
    • or in another psychology-related or economics-related degree program.
  • Proof of a standard period of study of at least 7 semesters*.
  • and proof of 210 credits*.
  • and proof of knowledge in statistics/mathematics to the extent of 16 credits.
  • and evidence of knowledge in business psychology to the extent of 6 credits.
  • and submission of a meaningful letter documenting the high level of reflexivity and outlining what motivates the student to study Business, Psychology and Management. In the letter of motivation, the following contents are to be presented on a maximum of three pages: (Further information can be found in the examination regulations).
    • Presentation of one's own professional knowledge from previous studies as well as subject-related achievements or distinctions that have been acquired or achieved in addition to the undergraduate degree program or that have been awarded and that are considered necessary for successful completion of the master's degree program.
    • Statement of professional goals and prospects associated with the desire to enter the master's program.
    • Specific justification for enrolling in the master's program that relates to the student's engagement with the content of the program and the courses offered. The rationale should make clear that applicants have engaged with the content of the program and have a clear understanding of what to expect.
The determination of the content-related prerequisites is based on the written application documents. If the prerequisites cannot be proven by written documents, the examination board may conduct a selection interview.
Due to the high number of inquiries, it is unfortunately not possible to check individual admission requirements ahead of time. Please refrain from corresponding e-mails or phone calls.
* If there are less than seven semesters of regular study time or if less than 210 credits are proven with the degree, the examination board can determine requirements in the amount of max. 30 credits, which have to be proven until the registration of the master thesis. This does not apply to credits in mathematics/statistics and business psychology.

Step by step guide

  1. 1.Deadlines

    • Can I apply already?

    The application deadline for this program can be found below the program description on the program home page. 

  2. 2.Documents

    • I take care of the necessary documents, which I have to enscan for the online application.

    What documents do I need for the application?

    1. Scan of your university entrance qualification certificate
    2. Scan of your first professional university degree (certificate: e.g. Bachelor, Diplom I, Staatsexamen)
      If you do not yet have a Bachelor degree certificate at the time of application, please submit the following evidence:
      1. Preliminary overview of subjects and grades of your previous studies and
      2. the certificate on the status in your studies completed and signed by your current examination office.
      At the time of application, at least 80% of the credits required for graduation must have already been earned and passed. This equates to 144 out of 180 or 168 out of 210 credits. Proof of admission to the bachelor's degree program must be submitted no later than the time of enrollment if admitted.
    3. Supplementary application form + Information on the special form
    4. Letter of motivation (instructions on how to write the letter of motivation can be found further down this page in the FAQ's)
    5. Application for equivalence check

    Your application will not be processed until the complete  documents have been submitted digitally.

  3. 3.eCampus

    • I open the website of the application portal "eCampus":
      eCampus - Register now
    • I click on"Registration".
    • I enter my details and set a password. 
    • I receive an e-mail and click on the confirmation link in the e-mail  

    The University of Kassel strongly recommends activating the email notification and logging into the application portal regularly.

  4. 4.Application


    • I use a desktop PC or a laptop. The online application is not suitable for smartphones.
    • I have scanned the necessary documents for the online application.
    • I open the website of the application portal"eCampus":

    eCampus - Fill out application now

    • I log in again to the application portal "eCampus" with my user name and password. 
    • I click on the menu item "My studies" and then on "Study application".

    Fill out the application:

    • I select the intended master's degree program in the online application.
    • I fill out the online form and upload any relevant supporting documents. If I am unclear, I read the help texts next to the questions. 
    • I confirm that my data is complete and true and submit my application online by clicking on the "Submit application" button. The online application page opens.
  5. 5.Editing

    • As soon as my application has been received by the Student Secretariat, my application status and my application subject status are set to "digitally received".
    • I will receive all further information on the processing status of my application via an e-mail indicating the change in status of my application. I can then find more detailed information in the application overview in eCampus. (We recommend that you activate the e-mail notification and log in to the application portal regularly).


    • Your application will first be formally checked: Have all documents been uploaded? Are the formal requirements met?

    • Once the formal check has been completed, the application is forwarded to the examination board of your degree program. The status of your application changes to "In progress".

    • In the next step, the examination board checks whether the content-related requirements for admission are also met and decides on the subject-related equivalence, the recognition of previous achievements and decides whether the application is admissible or should be rejected. In the case of admissibility, content-related conditions may also be imposed.  

    • The examination board digitally reports the result back to the master's office.

    • If it is discovered during the procedure that documents are missing, the applicants will be informed of this by e-mail. The e-mail will state the deadline for submission.

    • Depending on the Master's program, it may take up to six weeks until you receive the result. Please refrain from making inquiries during this time.

  6. 6.Decision

    • Subsequently, I will receive either an admission or rejection:

    • In case of admissibility, the application status and application subject status of my application will be set to "Admitted" and I can enroll online.

    • In case of rejection, the application status and application subject status of my application will be set to "Rejected". I can find the exact reasons for rejection in the rejection notice, which I can access in eCampus. I save the rejection notice.

  7. 7.Approval

    • I receive my offer of admission via eCampus. I am made aware of this by an email that I have received an offer of admission. I log on to eCampus and can retrieve my notification of admission. With the admission I also receive information about any requirements to be fulfilled.
    • I save my notification of admission.
  8. 8.Enrollment

    • I open the website of the application portal"eCampus": eCampus - Enroll Now
    • I log in again to the application portal "eCampus" with my user name and password. 
    • I click on the menu item"My studies" and then on"Application for studies".
    • I fill out the form"Apply for enrollment".
    • I upload my portrait photo here and provide health insurance information.
    • I complete the enrollment and have my semester fee calculated.
    • My application and application subject status are now set to "Enrollment applied".
  9. 9.Semester fee

    • I transfer the semester fee. 

    Fees are charged for your studies every semester (administrative fee, student union, semester ticket, AStA). You will find the exact amount, the payment deadline and the details for the transfer in the application for enrollment. Further information is also available here: Semesterbeitrag

  10. 10.CampusCard

    • I will receive the CampusCard by mail as soon as I have transferred my semester fee.

    The CampusCard is your student ID card for the entire duration of your studies. It is also library card, cultural ticket, payment card in the canteen, copy card, etc. Further information can be found here: CampusCard

  11. 11.Funding

    • I find out about financing options.

    Here you can find information about the study financing: Financing

  12. 12.Living

    • I am looking for a place to live.

    Here you can find information about the student housing market in Kassel and Witzenhausen: Housing

  13. 13.Start of study

    • I check the"Introduction and Start of Studies"subpage   for the dates of the introductory events. 

Status messages in eCampus

Application/Application Subject/Approval Status*.


In preparation

Application process has been started but not yet submitted digitally.

Digitally received

The application has been submitted digitally and is ready for review by the Master's Office.


You have withdrawn your application. This will now no longer be reviewed and will not participate in the process.

In process - digitally received

The request has been formally reviewed and forwarded to the review board.

In process - provisionally excluded

Documents are still missing.

Offer of admission has been received

You have been offered a place to study this subject.


Your application has been reviewed and is participating in the selection process.

Offer of admission currently not possible

You have currently not been offered a study place for this subject. Your application will be considered for a possible move-up procedure.


Unfortunately, you have not been offered a place on this course.

Deadline exceeded

You have not accepted your study offer within the deadline.

*To indicate the progress of an application, each application and each application subject has a status. Application statuses are related to the application; application subject status and admission status are related to the individual subject of an application.

  • Enrollmentapplied for: Application has been submitted digitally in eCampus.
  • Enrollmentin progress: Paper application has been received and is being processed.
  • Enrolled: You have been successfully enrolled.
  • Enrollmentdenied: There were irrefutable barriers. You cannot be enrolled.

Application FAQs

The Master's program in Business, Psychology and Management is designed for a standard duration of study of 3 semesters, with a total assessment of 90 credits. There are 30 credits to be made up during the master's degree if only 180 credits were earned in the bachelor's degree. It is possible that this will extend the study period by one semester.

There are no formal criteria for the letter of motivation regarding the number of pages, font or size. However, it should be clear from the letter of motivation what the motivation to study the Master's program in Business, Psychology and Management is.

For this purpose, the following contents should be presented on a maximum of three pages:

a)  Presentation of one's own professional knowledge from previous studies as well as subject-related achievements or awards that have been made or conferred in addition to the undergraduate program and that are considered necessary for successful completion of the Master's program in Business, Psychology and Management.

b)  Statement of professional goals and perspectives associated with the desire to enter the master's program in business, psychology, and management.

c)  Specific justification for entering the master's program in business, psychology, and management that relates to the student's engagement with the content of the program and the courses offered. The rationale should make clear that applicants have engaged with the content of the program and have clear ideas about what to expect .

For the evaluation of the motivation letter, a maximum of 2 points will be awarded for the criteria mentioned under a). A maximum of 3 points will be awarded for each of the criteria listed under b) and c). One point will be awarded for correct spelling, fluency of expression and correct form. An additional point may be awarded for particularly original reasoning that demonstrates independent and critical thinking. The points achieved in each case are added together. Applicants who receive fewer than 6 points here are not suitable for study in the Master's program in Economics, Psychology and Management; applicants who receive 6 or more points are suitable.

The master's program is only offered in the winter semester. Admission for the summer semester is not possible.

With the application, 6 credits in Business Psychology and 16 credits in Statistics/Mathematics must be proven. If you cannot prove these credits by the time of application, admission to the Master's program is unfortunately not possible.

Please also refer to the information sheet on admission requirements posted on the program's homepage.

Degrees in psychology or economics-related courses other than those specified in the subject examination regulations are also admitted if their equivalence has been recognized by the examination board upon application. An application for equivalence can be made if it can be proven that at least 2/3 of the total credits earned in the first degree program were earned in courses in psychology and/or economics (including the required credits in statistics/mathematics). For recognition, the form "Application for Equivalency", which can be found on the homepage of the study program, must be completed and, if necessary, supplemented by further suitable evidence to be attached to the application.

Missing credits to prove the required knowledge in statistics/mathematics or business psychology cannot be made up in the course of the master's program and must already be available with the application.
For this reason, we recommend that those interested in the Master's program who have not yet completed their diploma or Bachelor's degree program to design freely selectable study content (e.g. focal points, elective modules, etc.) in such a way that they fit the requirement profile of the Master's program. If no courses on statistics/mathematics or business psychology are offered in one's own diploma or bachelor's degree program, these can be acquired in other study programs, depending on the regulations of one's own university.