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Information on the new examination regulations (from WS 2022/23)

If you are already enrolled in the master's program, you will generally not be affected by the changes because your PO (PO2014) will remain in effect until Sept. 30, 2025 (1.5 times the standard period of study).

However, the following points should be noted:

  • If you are unable to complete your studies by 09/30/2025, you will be automatically migrated to the new PO after the deadline and may be required to take additional modules (which were not present in the old PO).
  • In addition, you have the option (from WS 22/23) to voluntarily switch to the new PO. For this you have to submit an informal application addressed to Prof. Dr. Spieth at the examination office of FB07 and ask for a migration to the new PO.
  • The biggest changes in the Master's program include an increase in the scope of the elective courses in Economics (from 24CP to 30CP), Engineering (from 24CP to 30CP) and Integration (from 12 CP to 18CP) as well as a new module on research methods.
  • However, please also note other changes in the sample curriculum of your respective discipline. The old and the new sample study plans can be found on the Wing homepage under Study Structure: Study Structure Industrial Engineering (Master)

Our recommendations:
- If you have completed a Bachelor's degree with 210 credits and have already started the Master's program, we recommend in any case to complete the program according to the old PO with 90 credits.
- If you have completed a bachelor's degree with 180 credits, currently have to fulfill requirements and have already started the master's program, we recommend switching to the new PO with 120 credits.

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