Dr. Nina Felgen

Dr. Nina Felgen, National Research Promotion Officer

The beautiful thing about my position is that I am so close to the research.

Dr. Nina Felgen, National Research Promotion Officer

How did you come to the University of Kassel?

I studied nanostructure science at the University of Kassel in the bachelor's and master's program, was a student assistant and then did my doctorate in the field of technical physics. Before I started my current job, I was the managing director of the scientific center CINSaT (Center for Interdisciplinary Nanostructure Science and Technology), which is located at the University of Kassel, for about 2.5 years until 2021.

Now you are working as an officer in research and graduate funding. What is your task there?

We support scientists in submitting applications for third-party funding and, for example, check the formalities and requirements that have to be met when submitting an application or make sure that there is a "red thread" in the application text and that the requested funds are well justified. The funding guidelines of the third-party funders are sometimes very different and complex, so it is important to have a close look at them. Some application formats require a fit with the profile of the university or precise coordination with the university management or other departments of the central administration. Often, the application process for larger collaborative research also includes on-site inspections in which the university management participates. We prepare parts of the presentation for this, for example, and assist with the organization.

Do you approach the departments with funding offers or is your support requested?

In most cases, scientists already have an idea and a concrete third-party funder in mind, and we then accompany and support the application process. But it also happens that they ask for suitable funding opportunities for a particular idea. We also always keep an eye on new funding opportunities that we find interesting and important for the University of Kassel. Then we also act proactively and forward the calls to people and institutes where we think they would be a good fit. In addition, there are general and target group or funding agency-specific (info) events.

What do you particularly like about your job?

The nice thing about my position is that I am so close to the research. As a research assistant, I only got to see a fraction of what was being researched in the natural sciences at the university. In my current position, I get to see much more of the great and socially relevant projects that are being worked on, even in disciplines that are completely foreign to me, and how much knowledge is being generated there.

And what do you appreciate about the University of Kassel as an employer?

Well: As students, we used to joke that Kassel was a village with a streetcar. Today I still see it that way, but with a much more consciously positive connotation. At the university, which is very centrally located, there is a rather familiar atmosphere, which makes working very pleasant. I also appreciate the benefits of public service, especially the secure employment and flexitime. There is a broad program for employees, and I myself have already taken advantage of a wide variety of offers, such as language courses or offers from the university sports department. The university also supports social commitment, which I think is important.

And what does Kassel mean to you in three words?

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