Program structure

The Master program is a cooperative program together with the University of applied Science Fulda.

It is characterised by a multidisciplinary approach at the interface between agriculture, food business and consumer sciences, within an international and cross-cultural context. Bridging modules compensate different background knowledge of the students.


Sample curriculum

(öffnet Vergrößerung des Bildes)

Students holding a first degree from a German institution shall aquire at least 12 of the required credits in a partner institution abroad.

  • Food quality management
  • Re­se­arch me­thods
  • In­ter­na­tio­nal le­gis­la­ti­on on con­su­mer pro­tec­tion and food
  • Re­cent de­ve­l­o­pe­ments in food and nut­ri­tio­nal sci­en­ces
  • Con­su­mer sci­ence and sustainable con­sump­ti­on
  • Food pro­duct de­ve­lop­ment
  • International organic food markets and marketing
  • Ma­nage­ment and ma­nage­ment ac­coun­ting
  • Prin­ci­ples of or­ga­nic far­ming
  • Nut­ri­tio­nal and con­su­mer be­ha­viour
  • Or­ga­nic food pro­ces­sing and food qua­li­ty
  • In­no­va­ti­ve pro­duct de­ve­lop­ment
  • Sustainable diets
  • Mar­ke­ting re­se­arch
  • In­for­ma­ti­on sys­tems for the food in­dus­try
  • In­no­va­ti­on ma­nage­ment in the food in­dus­try
  • Re­s­pon­si­ble and sustainable food busi­ness in glo­bal con­text
  • Stra­te­gic ma­nage­ment

Master modules offered in other degree programs or at other departments/universities in English.

Language modules level B2 (other than English and mother tongue).

Handbook module descriptions

Cooperative official program website (at the University of Applied Science Fulda)