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05/26/2023 | Press Release

Deutschlandticket: Students can receive monthly upgrade for semester ticket

For the current summer semester until the end of September, the University of Kassel, the AStA as well as the NVV and the KVG as mobility partners have worked out a short-term solution for an upgrade of the semester ticket to the "Deutschlandticket". This upgrade offers enrolled students the cost-effective option for mobility throughout Germany.

ZUg.Image: Lars Steffens.

For a surcharge of 23.48 euros per month, students can upgrade their semester ticket to the Deutschlandticket. This upgrade offer is valid until the end of September and, depending on the order date, from the beginning of June or on every 1st of the following months. It will initially be issued in paper form. For the period from October, the NVV is working on a digital solution to which students can then easily switch.

All conditions and information as well as the application procedure for the semester ticket upgrade are summarized on a website:

University President Prof. Dr. Ute Clement thanks the AStA, the NVV and the KVG as well as the employees of the university administration for their commitment and the quick solution in the interest of the Kassel students. "At a time when also and especially students feel financially burdened, this is very good news. It has become possible because everyone involved here was committed and willing to find unconventional solutions. A great joint effort!"

Sebastian Ehlers, chairman of the AStA, is also pleased with the solution to the Deutschlandticket upgrade for Kassel students: "The interim solution gives students the opportunity to use the Deutschlandticket at a surcharge to the regular semester ticket, albeit delayed. The exchange that has taken place between the university, AStA and the transport providers gives us hope for a good nationwide solution. We demand a speedy solution that is uniform and solidary for all students nationwide."

NVV Managing Director Steffen Müller is also pleased that, thanks to the university, AStA and KVG, it has been possible to offer students a quick upgrade to the Deutschlandticket: "For our students in Kassel, this offer also has the special attraction of being able to travel cheaply and in an environmentally friendly way in all directions of Germany due to its central location."

"And also still in the course of June the order of the Upgrade can be worthwhile due to the favorable price , in order to be thereby Germany far on the way , adds Dr. Olaf Hornfeck, KVG executive committee.