Research data & data protection

The responsible handling of research data and data protection is a very high priority – in research itself as well as for funding organisations. Both topics must therefore be adequately addressed in funding applications.

The University of Kassel offers support for dealing with these topics. Details below.

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Please note:
Requirements by funding organisations regarding the management of research data and data protection have increased steeply since 2022!

Every research project generates data: collections of primary material, measurements, analyses, evaluations, steps in theory building, etc.

In accordance with good research practice, it must be ensured that the data...

  1. ... are reliably stored for a longer period of time after the end of the project (usually 10 years) for any subsequent checks of results,
  2. ... can be (re)used as comprehensively as possible, i.e. access to the data should be granted to other researchers, safeguarding the data along the lines of "as open as possible, as protected as necessary".

Data use and re-use during and after the project requires good data management and needs to be addressed in the funding application.

Please get in touch with the University of Kassel's Research Data Service for assistance.





Do you work with personal data, e.g. in surveys (online or offline), studies involving people, evaluations of texts or data on living persons, etc.?

These data fall under the GDPR and must be protected accordingly during and after the project by means of suitable declarations of consent, processing directories, and data backups.

Please contact the data protection officer at the University of Kassel for data protection requirements regarding your research.

What are the current regulations, and has changed to the previous legal situation? See here:
Basic information on handling data in research at the University of Kassel [German]