Project management tools

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Helpful links and tips

Information and resources to help you with project design and management.

Happy research!

Grant approvals, cooperations, referrals of funds, consortia, etc.:

Financial stablishment, implementation & completion of projects

EMF programme of the University of Kassel "Development and management of research projects": from selecting the right funding to applying for a grant, managing a team management, and completing a project

Coaching and advice for academic teams and team leaders

Information, Ombudspersons, Committee for the Safeguarding of Good Research and Artistic Design Practice

Internally held short workshops via video conference on various topics, e.g. organising events sustainably, procurement regulations of the University of Kassel, cyber security, etc.

Information, advice, online training on research data management, repositories etc. via the Research Data Service

Support for researchers with family, gender equality, diversity