Export control

Research and teaching activities at the University of Kassel are increasingly characterised by global cooperation with institutions and partners abroad. Under certain circumstances, however, export control restrictions may affect international research collaborations, business trips, the export of research equipment or samples, the development of new technologies, cooperation with international researchers, e.g. visiting scientists, but also the recruitment of staff from abroad.

Why export control?

The aim of export control is to prevent the misuse of research goods and knowledge and thus protect national security. This concerns

  • the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction,
  • the uncontrolled transfer of conventional armaments,
  • human rights violations, repression or terrorism abroad through the use of sensitive goods.

Dual-use goods, which can serve both civilian and military purposes, are also affected. Their potential for misuse is often not immediately apparent. Potential for misuse exists expecially in the research fields of biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, physics, nuclear technology, energy and environmental technology, information and communication technology, electrical engineering, aerospace, transportation technology, mechanical engineering, materials technology and process engineering.

Legal requirements of export control and foreign trade law for research and teaching

Research and teaching are fundamentally free. However, the legal requirements of export control and foreign trade law also apply, especially when it comes to the transfer of sensitive goods or know-how abroad. Neither academic freedom nor the university's civil clause release its personnel from the obligation to comply. Violations of export control regulations can lead to criminal prosecution for the persons involved and those institutionally responsible. In the area of conflict between academic freedom and foreign trade regulations, the applicable export control measures are intended to ensure that actions comply with the law, while safeguarding academic freedom from excessive regulation.

Support at the University of Kassel

Questions relating to export control may be directed to our internal administrative team. We're offering advice in cases of doubt, providing support in licensing procedures at the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) and developing inspection mechanisms to prevent violations of export control regulations.

Contact and queries about export control procedures at the University of Kassel

Dr. Katrin Steinack (Export Control Officer)