During the mobility

The templates of all documents can be found in the download section.

Changes to the Learning Agreement

You can change your Learning Agreement up to 6 weeks after the start of your stay abroad. All changes must be made online via the same portal that you used to complete the original Learning Agreement.

  • Please discuss the plan­ned changes with your cooperation officer and the host university.
  • All three parties must agree to the changes.


Shortening or extending your stay

Please note the following if you would like to shorten your stay:

  • Please inform the cooperation officer of your department, the International Office and your host university immediately.
  • Please note that the minimum length of stay is 60 days. Shorter stays cannot be funded under the Erasmus+ program. If the minimum funding period of 60 days is not reached, the University of Kassel is obliged to claim back the mobility grant already paid out in full. The only exceptions to this rule are trimesters/terms, the existence of a medical certificate in case of termination due to illness or force majeure.

An extension of the stay abroad is possible if:

  • the extension is requested at least one month before the end of the original stay,
  • the extension period immediately follows the current stay and the maximum funding period of 12 months per study phase is not exceeded.
  • sufficient funding is available. Otherwise, the extension may be funded as a zero grant (without a financial contribution).


  1. Discuss your project with the responsible persons at your host university and the cooperation officer in Kassel and have the extension application signed.
  2. Submit the signed extension application to the International Office of the University of Kassel.
  3. The extension will be considered an additional stay for which you must submit the required documents again.
  4. Submit the completed and signed documents to the International Office of the University of Kassel by the deadline.
  5. If sufficient funding is available, you will receive the first installment of your grant transferred to the account indicated.