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For students

Students may submit a request for a case-by-case decision to the Module Review Committee Core Studies (MPA KE) for clarification of individual concerns in the following cases:

- Request in the case of missed timely registration for examination modalities.
- Request for withdrawal from registered examination modalities
- Request for deviation from the planned structure of the composite module offer (in case of an individual wish to take a composite module with a different course combination than the one planned - however, the cancellation of the composite is not recommended)
- Application for registration of additional achievements (additional achievements are not included in the grade of the First State Examination)

For teachers

Application for authorization to take the First State Examination:

If you wish to be authorized to take the First State Examination for the Basic Sciences (= Core Studies), Didactics of Elementary School, please use the following form to apply.
Please download the PDF to your computer and fill out the document locally.

After the application is completed and signed, please forward it by mail with a resume to