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DEMOCRACY WEEK from 21.05.2024 to 24.05.2024

Greeting from the President Prof. Dr. Clement

We would be delighted if you would listen to the welcoming address by the President, Prof. Dr. Clement.

As self-evident as democracy may seem today, it is not.

Democracy is historically young in Germany. It is fragile, contested and has opponents all over the world; it must be understood, practiced and brought forth - especially in education and at university.
the university. Even in teaching, research and administration at universities, democracy is
is not a matter of course, but a process that requires a great deal of preconditions and is prone to failure,
heterogeneous and controversial subject of research as well as a flawed practice that is often unaware of its own deficits.
often unaware of its own shortcomings. Making democracy the explicit subject of university teaching
of university teaching, to discuss its theoretical diversity, to critically examine it as a social power
and institutional practice - in other words: to strip it of its normality - is the aim of a
the aim of a Democracy Week, which will take place from May 21 to 24, 2024 in the core curriculum.

Annotated course catalogs for summer semester 2024

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How do I withdraw from a core studies course after the online withdrawal process has expired?

The deregistration of events after the expiration of the online voucher procedure is done in eCampus via the tab My functions → My events. You can find more detailed instructions here.

Self-Reflection Tool (SRT)

The Self-Reflection Tool (SRT) offers student teachers at the University of Kassel the opportunity to take a targeted and anonymous look at their study situation. They can deal online with various dimensions relevant to their studies (e.g. "Motivation" or "My challenges") and receive scientifically sound feedback on the information provided. In addition, this offer from the project "Studying to be a teacher, reflecting on success" (LASER) and the core study program shows a wide range of advice and support offers at the University of Kassel.

You can find the online self-test and further information here.

Interdisciplinary profiling options in the teacher training program

Here you will find a page from the ZLB on the six study profiles in teacher education programs.

Portfolio of media education skills for Hessian teachers