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The internship is part of module 4 (Research Practice) in the master’s programmes “Social Work” and “Diversity – Research – Social Work” in the departement of Social Work and Social Welfare at the University of Kassel.

Module 4 consists of 480 hours: 450 hours internship including writing the report and 30 contact hours for attending a colloquium at the University of Kassel.

The goal of the internship is to provide students with an opportunity to acquire practical experience in carrying out empirical research in an ongoing project and to learn to work independently.

Integrated into a research team, students will gain insight into the day-to-day business of an empirical survey. They are expected to work independently on a manageable piece of research covering 450 hours full-time or part-time including writing a research report. In addition students will be required to present and discuss their experience in a colloquium. The module seeks to develop the student’s competence to evaluate different academic contexts and styles, and the planning of processes and the working conditions related to academic research. It also seeks to encourage reflection on the impact of research on practice.

Students can do the research internship at the University of Kassel or at another university in Germany or abroad. Alternatively, they can go as well to an appropriate non-university research institution.

The research institution agrees that it will integrate the student intern into a research project, allow her/him to participate in the realization and arrangement of a research process and support her/him in the development of their own research work. The research institution enables the student intern to attend the academic colloquium which is run as a compact seminar and to certificate the research internship.

For further informations please contact:
Lina Eckhardt (coordination) or Prof. Dr. Mechthild Bereswill

Information for supervisors of the research internship

Students gain insight into the ongoing practice of an empirical investigation. They learn the transfer of scientific questions into concrete research designs and the practical application of empirical research methods.

The internship comprises 600 semester hours per week (SWS) of 45 minutes each (450 time hours). This volume of time is available for the internship and for writing the final research report.

The internship can be arranged as full-time or part-time by agreement between the research institution and the student.

In addition, students attend an internship-accompanying scientific colloquium of 30 SWS. Participation in the colloquium (mandatory attendance), which is usually offered in block form, must be made possible by the research institution.

The research center commits itself to integrate interns into an ongoing research project and to involve them in the implementation and design of a concrete research process as well as to support them in the development of independent research steps. After checking the fit of the internship, an internship contract will be issued for the legal protection of all parties involved.

Students are expected to develop and work on their own research question during the internship. The work process and the results will be recorded by the students in a research report (min. 40 000 characters including spaces). The report refers to aspects of social diversity and is usually to be written in the language in which the internship was completed. Usually, the research office will supervise and grade this report, but in exceptional cases this may be done by the module supervisor of the program.

The usual social science standards apply to the assessment of the research paper. Grading is formalized only to the extent that grades ranging from very good (each in intermediate grades: 0.7; 1.0; 1.3) to sufficient (4.0) can be assigned for a passing grade. The most important criterion in grading the report is the student's own scientific performance.

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