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The basic study of history usually covers all epochs and includes sub-areas such as ancient history, historical science or modern and contemporary history. Students learn during their basic studies how to independently and systematically compile and research epoch-specific reference works as well as how to interpret and critically examine historical sources. The advanced modules consolidate the knowledge acquired in the basic studies and sharpen the skills of historical work with regard to social and cultural interconnections. Graduates therefore have a deeper understanding of social and cultural contexts and traditions as well as good linguistic expression skills that can be applied in various fields of activity. These competencies are generally only considered mature with a Master's degree, so a subsequent in-depth Master's program is a good option.

Career prospects for bachelor's graduates in history

Professional perspectives can be found wherever knowledge processing and communicative services are involved:

  • in the classic professional fields of archives, libraries and museums, in publishing
  • cultural, media and public relations work
  • adult education and out-of-school youth education
  • in the environment of European and international organizations
  • coordinating and leading functions in associations, societies, foundations and scientific organizations.
  • exhibition management and planning
  • information procurement as well as indexing and processing
  • art, culture management (e.g. cultural mediation in museums)
  • Cultural education
  • Management and personnel consulting

The internship integrated into the study program helps to establish contacts and gain experience. The study program offers time for professional orientation, which the Career Service of the University of Kassel gladly accompanies.

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